Month: July 2018

  • Localvantia – buy local

    Hello, today I am very pleased to invite you to a powerful new program and it is starting for local companies in this area. The program is called LOCALVANTIA (=favorite local Merchants) . With this program you can now – generate new customers – expand your customer base – Support and strengthen customer relationships – […]

  • Have faith in yourself

    Dear Networkers, many starters don’t have success because they have no faith in what they are doing – they don’t trust the system, the Administration and they don’t trust themselves. The best way to overcome this is, always look into the mirror and ask yourself if you can trust you. On your SFI homepage you […]

  • The opportunity is FREE

    Hello, as you may know – many questions asked from Affiliates getting angry about any payments they should spend which they can’t afford. Our personal Gateways and Banners invite people to join FREE – this means that is anyone’s FREE decision to begin a career as a Network Marketing Entrepreneur. We all have bills to […]

  • We help others to become successful

    Hello all, okay, we have SFI and TripleClicks + subsidaries (Pricebenders, Eager Zebra Games, Rewardical, Localvantia). With SFI we have the knowledge centre, with TripleClicks we have our own Megastore. We can chose from TripleClicks what our customers need is and then we sell these items or services to them. We need prospects (they can […]

  • Network Marketing – nobody should stop you

    Hello, if you are in a good partnership you will be faced with a lot of struggle, while you are starting your Network Marketing career. Be it your parents, your girl- or boyfriend or somebody else. They are always have a bad opinion about it and they will affect you with the worst case, that […]

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