Month: October 2018

  • Work with routine and structure

    Hello, we are slowly but steadily approaching Christmas Season. Some of my friends and colleagues start to clean their rooms and invest in nice decorations for the holy days. Don’t stop offering Christmas gifts on your TripleClicks connection page. There are a lot of little things which can be found under the Christmas Tree. Just […]

  • I love running

    Hello; I hope you are all well and you have your freedom to have joy with this business. Some weeks ago I have purchased a drinking bottle from TripleClicks and it arrived here in Germany some days ago. This bottle is very special: you have a squeezer at the bottom where you can fix a […]

  • I love running

    Porched egg on rye bread with spinach

  • Demand Freedom – work with diligence

    Hello to all my readers, welcome to you.  I am really appreciating your work every day. In case you have not found any idea on how to start your business – just focus on the essentials. It is very easy to find them. Everything has been written down. Login daily to your SFI homepage, begin […]

  • Simplicity of daily routines

    Just Do It (not only) at Sunday- everyday!   We must focus on respecting the routines in our life – even we need to improve them, from time to time. Be creative and innovative at some occasions, too. You know your system which you already have in place, then look inside and look out for […]

  • K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

    Dear Reader, today a new month is starting. It is a new challenge for anyone of our TEAM. If we understand that we all do our network marketing every day, but we just don’t get paid for! We feel bad and miss-understood. Never say: „I can’t find any prospects – no matter what I […]

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