Month: November 2018

  • Last update for November 2019

    Hello friends, please be reminded that the compensation plan has been adjusted. That is good for all of us. In case you haven’t seen these changes, please urgently read the announcement here: Now we can earn 100 % CV Direct Commission – beginning from November 1st. Please strengthen your efforts in building your groups. […]

  • Making decisions in your business

    Hello, dear Readers, We are not employees of our company. SFI has their own business. They do teaching, shipping and receiving, billing, legal, customer service, websites and more. That is their business, not ours. SFI is doing everything – all we have to do is get our prospects to make a „YES“ decision. We have […]

  • Build your group and work in your favor

    Hello, every Sunday opens a new chapter to your life and also to your business. Use the Sunday for a rest, take a walk and communicate with others. When Monday arrives a new chapter will open. So, use your energy to make a new plan. Ask yourself the following questions: 1st how many Affiliates will […]

  • Your realistic mindset

    Hello, We all have different mindsets. Not everyone is born with an Einstein intelligence. This is not necessary – your work will always bear fruits if you train your mindset. For your group building, you can use our Marketing Centre. There you can find tips and guidelines. Although you have tools there – which you […]

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