Month: July 2019

  • Listen to the people

    Dear Subscriber, this summer is very exciting.  Nevertheless, we have to work and I have just created another newsletter to be published. People to people business Our main business partners are people, like you and me. People are hypersensitive, and their reaction can be annoying. Go through this emotional aspect. Listen carefully to them. Emotions […]

  • This is your favourite place to be

    Welcome, Readers of my weekly newsletter. Connection to the world Soon, after you have joined SFI, you see that you are a part of one whole team. Network Marketing people have much more in common than you might guess. You have your seat in the world – where the sun never sets down. You can […]

  • Success is yours

    Success is yours

    Hello Subscribers, Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter.  Communications is very important. Opportunity is free We promote that this business is a free opportunity. That is nothing wrong – every occasion is free. However, as this is a business like any other business, we have to put-in workforce, brainpower, time and more. Plan […]

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