Month: December 2019

  • The next rocking year 2020

    Dear Entrepreneurs, your interest in my weekly newsletter has a high value for me. It couldn’t be done without your ongoing support. Still, we have 2019 and it was a rocking year, for me. I met some of my goals and others could not be met. I have added many people into my downlines, I […]

  • The majority is sceptical

    Hello Entrepreneurs, it is getting to the end of 2019 – we ignite some candles, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and have joy. We use our conscious mind works for doing one thought at a time. Everything else must come automatically, and the subconscious mind takes over. Our subconscious minds have millions of automatic […]

  • Marketing tips for real SFI workers

    Hello Entrepreneurs, It is another Sunday – it is raining and cold outside. I could not go out for jogging, as usual. So, I concentrated on my business. I tell my people to make the best out of every days life. This is what comes out of my brain: We need prospects – therefore we […]

  • It’s a brand new cycle

    Hello, Subscribers! Today is the beginning of a new cycle with the new month. We all start with zero VersaPoints. Again we have to achieve more and more success to reach the same level or even more. Just follow the simple rules of success, and you don’t need to feel too stressy. Just break free […]

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