Afraid of growing fast enough

Dear Entrepreneurs,
we have spring now and that is something positiv during these times of the pandemic and the war in the Ukraine.
May the world come to peace, everywhere in the world. There is no need for any aggression.

Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. This time I want to share some thoughts with you. Many of us are afraid of growing fast enough. Then they are feeling bad and stop doing something at all.


Stresses add to our attention


The circumstances in our business produce indeed a lot of stress which are demanding emotional strain. It is said that we need to log in to our personal website every day, do all the work on the blogs, answer the quiz at the end, playing some Eager-Zebra games.

This alone does not spill any advantages in our pocket or into anything, we earn some Rewardicals from the game we play (provided you have purchased TCredits through your TripleClicks store).

After we have worked through the homepage, we cannot close the PC and turn to other things.

Instead, we need some time for advertising and promotion.


Success doesn’t come immediately

You have all the time possible to grow – do not await some magic in your business. In fact, there is no magic. Grab your personalized gateway and promote on various Traffic Exchanges (TEs). This is a common trend to do. Promote 7 days a week, 24h per day, 12 months per year.

Some TEs offer banner ads and text ads, too.


Keep in mind: doing nothing is not an option. The best is: you can control your advertising efforts with the Hit-Tracking application. You can use different key numbers to distinguish between your gateways and your other marketing presentations.


Produce traffic online, the more traffic you produce, the better will be your result and you will see that you get a lot of sign-ups. Sign-ups are prospects. They can sign-up as your customer (PRM) or as your PSA.


PRMs and PSAs are your customers for life


It is true, that your customers have a long-lasting effect on your monthly income.


Be ready for success – it needs only some time per day. I spent 2 hours per day on average.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


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