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Hello Entrepreneurs,
soon we have May – the month for lovers and romantic enthusiasts. Here is another newsletter.

Don’t miss TripleClicks. That is your store, where you can generate sales and doing purchases.




Many new Affiliates did not know that their store is ready, soon after registration.

You have access to this store after you logged in and then direct your browser to It will automatically take you to your very own TripleClicks store.


The shop has three departments: Auction, shop, and games.

Go shopping and you see 4 further departments: TCredits, Ecommergy, SFI and Business.


Below you see all the categories. You can pick items or services from any category you like.

For instance: Digital Downloads:

Make your choice, you have some options: add to the cart or use the SFI Toolbox for promotion.

With SFI Toolbox you can create a banner, add the item to a collection, and view a printable flyer for so-called ‚cold Marketing’.


Make purchases from your TC store.


You can purchase TCredits, Builder Bundles, and Level Up packs directly from this store and that will count to your Level and your commission.


Have a nice time in May.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


Sorry! There is no such thing to get rich quick

Dear Entrepreneurs,
I hope you are doing well. Be always careful – we still have a pandemic situation.

We are all not living concisely. So many people join Network Marketing every day. Why do they join? They are thinking that there is a system to make them rich.

But there is not such a thing. You need to know that a business depends on many decisions.

It needs a clear plan – a business plan. It needs investment in time, manpower and some financial investment.


Prospects read body language. Prospects observe our micro-facial expressions. Yes, our faces can make up to twenty-five different expressions per second. Human minds have efficient subconscious mind software that interprets those expressions. That is how they can look deep inside our souls. If prospects perceive we are afraid of a certain objection, guess what they do next? Yes, they make our fears come true.

When we have confidence, when we have great answers to our most common objections, what happens? Our micro-facial expressions beam confidence in our offer. Our prospects race with confidence in us. Their objections fade away. That is what our prospects seek: Confidence. SFI is an Affiliate Program and nothing more. You have the tools; you have the knowledge and tons of generous tips.

I do the same every day: I log in daily, complete these 6 building blocks and complete them all. I always have TCredits for the Eager Zebra games.

One more thing!

Being an entrepreneur can be fun, intoxicating, and very lucrative, but don’t join SFI if you are not willing to invest some time and effort.
Success comes before work ONLY in the dictionary. There are no shortcuts.


I wish you the most success you can achieve.
Earn Rewardicals while you shop, eat, play online games, & more! Sign up now and get 25 FREE Rewardicals.

Learn more:

Best wishes,


Friedrich Fritz

We are independent and free

Hello Entrepreneurs,
I hope you are well, and you will enjoy this Christmas season.

Before we are celebrating Christmas, I want to share some thoughts with you.


Our advantage is that we are all free and independent business owners.

We can decide how, when and where we proceed to make it profitable.


Time is changing always. The US has a new president, Germany has a new government.

The Covid pandemic has changed, and we must be careful to avoid an infection.


People are surfing the internet to find a solution for their financial needs.

Many see the ads from SFI and TripleClicks and some join. They are always sceptical.

They don’t have time, or they don’t have little amounts to invest.


If you don’t have the time, I would say ‚of the 10 hours a week you spend on Facebook arguing with others, just take a few minutes of that time every day to read the Launchpad, the forum and other brainstorming information. When this is done, you can get back to your social media.


If you don’t have the money to invest, I would say: think big: for every dollar, you spent for the investment you get many returns. If you buy TCredits you can play the games, participate in Astro Auctions and Pricebender’s. Every purchase will unlock another level.


You will begin to start your good revenue. Be encouraged to grow further skills and resources.

The internet is full of useful tips.


All we can do is all that we can do and all that what we can do is enough.


I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.



Best wishes


Friedrich Fritz

Always sceptical – even the advice is good

Hello, Entrepreneurs,
we are beginning the Christmas season. The winter is coming to Germany, it is cold outside and occasional snow is falling.

It is the curse of the green personality. We are so careful before we take the next step.

We want everything proven and safe. Therefore, we question everything.

There are real Top-Earners in SFI, doing this Network Marketing biz.

What do you think about these top-earners?

Read through the answers with my sceptical mind and you get the following solution:

1st they follow the system

sceptical mind answers: so, if you couldn’t follow the specific system one networker used, you should quit? Never try? Or work to develop your own that works for you?

2nd They fail a lot ….and move forward every time.

sceptical mind answers: I know a lot of 30-year veteran network marketers who keep failing. Always trying new things that don’t work. Moving forward to fail again isn’t progress.

3rd Use tools to automate the business.

sceptical mind answers: So, no one became a top earner before tools and automation was invented? Hard to believe.

4th they recruit up.

sceptical mind answers: So if we start like normal people, without that winner’s mindset, we won’t be able to make our first step?

And so scepticism began. I love this free study group. It makes us question what we think we know and helps us grow.

I know what you are thinking: How can green personalities, with their sceptical mindsets, ever become a leader in network marketing?

Your first step begins with level 1 and then you need further skills and resources to get higher levels. Your encouragement and your positive thinking mindset are all you need and a schedule, when and how you will reach the next level.

The web is full of tips and helpful pieces of information – go after to broaden your knowledge.


It takes some time, but in the end, you will improve.

Best wishes for your prosperity


Friedrich Fritz

Proceed as an Entrepreneur

Hello Entrepreneurs,
hopefully we have our business that we can do from our comfortzone at home. I work fulltime since I became retiree 8 years ago.

Now let me have some tips about the organization of our work.

Whatever you plan in the now and the future – make sure that you work hard and effortlessly. You and I work for us – not for a company. So we are alone with our decisions and we may use wisdom and knowledge to proceed.

Do the working every day at the same time and a separate place in your home; if the possible move into another room. Close the door and open a window.

Set up your working room with sobriety and expediently.

Tell your partner that you are working in this room and you need to concentrate. Don’t let others disturb you.

Calculate your business time and have enough water to drink. Because you cannot work efficiently if your mouth is dry.

Make a list of those people you want to promote. Tell them that you will help them to become successful. Use emails for an invitation and have your homepage. Get used to building websites and learn important skills and what it means to have them go viral. Learn the essentials about social networks. Facebook and Twitter have rules and limitations. Make sure you consider following them, otherwise, you would blame yourself and others.

The web is full of tips and helpful pieces of information – go after to broaden your knowledge. SFI can help you, too. Consider this Company as another programm to help you to build up this business faster, with tools and tips you can use for free.


It takes some time, but in the end, you will improve.

Thinking about starting a home business? Not sure where to begin? Start your home business on a rock-solid base! Consider teaming up with us. Since 1985, we’ve helped tens of thousands of men and women worldwide build successful home businesses. And we can help you, too. Find home business success stories and information on getting started at:

Best wishes for your prosperity


Friedrich Fritz


Create ‚Word pictures’ in our prospects’ minds.

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to another newsletter. The world has changed a lot since my last writing. SFI has changed its appearance, too.
The work is now much easier to complete.

As a proud member of the SFI group, I recommend you study the announcement by Gery Carsons.


Our new focus now is to concentrate more on selling.

In TripleClicks you can find many items or services you can sell online with the help of our free-to-use Marketing aids.


Let us try to sell the Eager Zebra Purple Mug (

You can use the SFI Toolbox. You can choose a banner, add the item to a collection and you can also create a printable flyer.


But think what is in the prospects’ minds when the ad is shown to them.  Ask: When you buy this product, here is what happens.


Then take our prospects into the future where they will see themselves enjoying the benefits of this mug.


When you use this mug, you will always drink your coffee with a wonderful feeling. When you use this product, you will think about our service and even more.


It is dishwater safe.


I wish you a highly successful week.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Eager Zebra Purple Mug— $7.25 (Save 27%!)

Drink your favorite beverage in style with this attractive Eager Zebra 10 oz. plastic mug. Purple with “Eager Zebra” and a zebra print “Z” on front. Dishwasher safe.
Eager Zebra Purple Mug


Drink your favorite beverage in style with this attractive Eager Zebra 10 oz. plastic mug. Purple with “Eager Zebra” and a zebra print “Z” on front. Dishwasher safe.

Great questions to ask our prospects

Hello Entrepreneurs,
this is the time to write a newsletter to my teams and to those who want to know more about Network Marketing.

Network Marketing needs prospects. They can be either PSAs, PRMs or CSAs. They all have an interest in what we offer.

Working part-time or full-time?

If we work in jobs we usually work full-time. There is always a boss above us who tells us what to do. We all know that jobs won’t make us rich.
Nowadays one job does not be enough for living a life we desire. Many in our economy have jobs nearby, most part-time.

It is not a plan we should carry on and on until we retire.

We don’t want to be stuck in jobs all over our lives.


In a full-time job, we help our bosses reach their dreams and fulfill the plan of our company.



Here are the questions:


*Have you ever thought about starting a part-time or full-time business?

*How much is extra money each month would make a difference?

*How much time would you invest to earn that money?


Thus said, never stop prospecting. Use your personalized gateways and the aids from Marketing Centre.
If you are still not an Affiliate yet, you can join now, and then you have access to these aids.
Apply here:

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


Stay motivated daily

Hello Entrepreneurs,
I hope that you are okay and thank you for reading my newsletter.

We are Network Marketing entrepreneurs. We are free and independent workers.

The main aim is to help others to become successful.




We recommend others to join us – then we are their sponsor.


Where do you recruit your referrals? You can invite your friends, classmates, colleagues.

The far more chance is to recruit your referral online via advertising and promotion.


We have cold and warm marketing options.  When you ask your friend for a referral, don’t ask if they know someone who wants what we are offering.

Instead, ask for someone who has a problem that we can solve.


How much does this cost us?


*I can’t get started

*What is holding me back?

*I wish I could do this.

*Why am I procrastinating?

*What can I do to get going?



Motivation in the first 60 seconds is hard to manage. Breath! Then think positive: working means leaving the comfort zone and try something that pushes you. We all work for a better life and for our retirement from our normal work. It is similar to planting a tree. You need to care about this tree to let it grow and bear fruits for harvesting. See your priorities and get to work.


TripleClicks is your Store


Triple Clicks is your store and also the products are yours (as it is written down by Gery Carson in Rules of success number 5).  Have Triple Clicks store as your habit to sell and buy products that you and your customers need.

Any purchase at Triple Clicks earns you valuable Versa Points, which you can parlay into numerous benefits and increased earnings. You also earn Rewardicals with every purchase.

Save 20%-50% off retail with Astro Auctions!


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

STL I am a proud member of the SFI Marketing group

How to stop working and still get paid

Hello Entrepreneurs,
thank you for visiting my sites from time to time. I love writing and I share my thoughts to the public.
I hope, you are doing good. It is a good thing to work from home.

Set your goals

We work in Network Marketing. The first thing you need to do is to know your goals. In SFI this is important. Know your goals and have a plan to reach them.

Goals can be longtime goals or brief-time goals.

Longtime goals are to get married, build a house, raise children.

Short-time goals are: how many VersaPoints will you score, how many Executive Affiliates will you sponsor, how will be your rank at the end of the month, etc.?


Your pre-success mode begins

Involve some habits. You can develop habits every day and you will succeed. There is no other way. Instead of saying we are going to read a particular book, try a new habit to read five pages of a personal development book every day.

You succeed every day. When you do, you train your mindset. I do this from the very beginning.

A habit is working through your To-Do-List every day. This will train your brain and you score VersaPoints. Some tabs need TCredits. Therefore, make sure that you always have a nice stock of TCredits available. Make another purchase of TCredits. This helps to improve your rank.


Promote your business. We have good advertising aids in our Marketing Centre.


I am your Sponsor or Co-Sponsor. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Have an enjoyable time, as always.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

STL I am a proud member of the SFI Marketing group



Your own success story begins now

Hello entrepreneurs,
welcome to another newsletter. We are starting with a new week tomorrow.

Begin your own story now. Just join my Network Marketing Team and begin.

I hope you are healthy and you love work from home. We are starting with a new week.


Our Network Marketing business helps others to become successful.


Our Company (SFI) provides us with up-to-date Marketing tools, tips, and resources.


Start your story now with me.


Program Overview:


  1. a) Launchpad Training – SFI’s exclusive „getting started” training series.
  2. b) Benefit Chart
  3. c) SFI Compensation Plan
  4. d) Compare SFI to Other Biz Opps



Getting Started:


Here are the basics:


Many people make this business more complicated than it really is. There are just TWO basic ways to make money with SFI:


  1. Direct Commission
  2. Executive Pool


You will learn all these easily in the Launchpad Lessons.



International Resources and Issues:

You can use Google Translator when you do not understand English


Write your own success-Story now and get to the action.


Have a good time, as always.

Click here:

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz



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