Just Do It every Sunday

Good  day – Entrepreneurs,
Motivation is a keyword for anything you want to do. The best thing is motivate yourseslf before you can motivate others.

Every Sunday I join the worldwide running competition from Nike. They name it ‘Just Do It Sunday’. I am a jogger and I love it to run every Sunday 5 km.

From my motivation to sports I get my motivation for the business – a business is similar to a long distance run. You always have a plan where you run, how fast you run and how the route should be. Should it be flat or should some hills be there?

After the race, this feeling of relief comes – it brings happiness and I’m proud that I did it. You can say that I was successful.

Then I am well prepared for the coming week with all the many tasks that need to be done.

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Have a nice week.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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