K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

Dear Reader,

today a new month is starting. It is a new challenge for anyone of our TEAM.
If we understand that we all do our network marketing every day, but we just don’t
get paid for it..wow! We feel bad and miss-understood.

Never say: „I can’t find any prospects – no matter what I am doing” – think positive and brainstorm.

Watch the news. What do we see?

We are constantly reading reports of growing poverty, people who have lost everything, growing unemployment worldwide. People who can not repay their debts – with all these negative consequences.

These people desperately need more income to meet those big monthly
minimum payments.

So when we are visiting with prospects who have nice houses, nice cars, and nice clothes … remember, our prospects may be desperate for a solution to their monthly cash-flow dilemma.

We have their solution

Instead of talking about $10,000 a month, we could show that our opportunity can
provide $50 to $300 month in extra cash (and constantly growing). For some prospect, this is all they need to change their lives.

We don’t motivate people. What we do is recruiting motivated people.
Then, we make sure we don’t unmotivate them.

Build your TEAM – promote business.

Have a good start in October!

best regards
Friedrich Fritz

P.S.: We have a new game ‘HIDDEN’ – it is good for English Lovers
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