Year: 2019

  • The next rocking year 2020

    Dear Entrepreneurs, your interest in my weekly newsletter has a high value for me. It couldn’t be done without your ongoing support. Still, we have 2019 and it was a rocking year, for me. I met some of my goals and others could not be met. I have added many people into my downlines, I […]

  • The majority is sceptical

    Hello Entrepreneurs, it is getting to the end of 2019 – we ignite some candles, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and have joy. We use our conscious mind works for doing one thought at a time. Everything else must come automatically, and the subconscious mind takes over. Our subconscious minds have millions of automatic […]

  • Marketing tips for real SFI workers

    Hello Entrepreneurs, It is another Sunday – it is raining and cold outside. I could not go out for jogging, as usual. So, I concentrated on my business. I tell my people to make the best out of every days life. This is what comes out of my brain: We need prospects – therefore we […]

  • It’s a brand new cycle

    Hello, Subscribers! Today is the beginning of a new cycle with the new month. We all start with zero VersaPoints. Again we have to achieve more and more success to reach the same level or even more. Just follow the simple rules of success, and you don’t need to feel too stressy. Just break free […]

  • Joyful, joyful Christmas Time is here

    Hello, Dear Subscribers, Still, 31 days to go and to work and then we will have Christmas Eve. The days become shorter and the nights become longer – we use candles in the evening, and we are preparing our hearts and our souls for the arriving of Jesus Christ. We think about in this bleak […]

  • Your way as a Network Marketer

    Hello subscribers, it is another new week and I am working hard in this business. This newsletter has been sent to our newbies: Thank you again for joining SFI – it is the Best Network Marketing Company in the world. You have interacted with an advertisement on the web, and you have plans, don’t you? […]

  • The breakthrough moment

    Hello Subscribers, it is another newsletter. Well, I love writing and I share this letter with my Network. If you are not yet a member, you can sign-in. Communication is the 1st key. We offer a unique opportunity, and people come in joy to sign up. Everyone has dreams and a strong desire to fulfil […]

  • The good news in your business

    Dear Subscribers, Welcome to my newsletter. I love writing. This is part of my communication with my group. Communication is very important. A brand new month starts in a few days. We are ending one circle and starting a new one.   Have confidence and share it We, who are in this Network Marketing business, need to […]

  • Turn to new heights

    Hello, Subscriber, Welcome to my Newsletter. I am a TEAM sponsor and if you sign-up I shall be your sponsor, too. Maximization Know your potential in this business. This includes your plans, your goals, your desires. Your communication with the people combines the sheer power of your words and will bring you closer to the […]

  • Your efforts are counting

    Howdy, Entrepreneurs, Welcome, everybody.  I hope you have a wonderful time. Here are some tips for your business. The global picture Please, consider that we offer our services globally and our presentation should be practical and attractive. The world is watching us. With our marketing aids, we have everything necessary for just giving our audience […]

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