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Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter. Please, do your communication with your group. It is a brand new week.

Your longterm goal should be Diamond Team Leader. SFI has made it very easy to follow
The plan. You can do it if you want it and then follow the Six Steps outlined here:

Step One: Advance to the rank of EA (Executive Affiliate)
Step Two: Advance to the rank of BTL (Bronze Team Leader)
Step Three: Advance to the rank of STL (Silver Team Leader)
Step Four: Advance to the rank of GTL (Gold Team Leader)
Step Five: Advance to the rank of PTL (Platinum Team Leader)
Step Six: Advance to the rank of DTL (Diamond Team Leader)

Read and study the whole text here: https://www.sfimg.com/the_plan

It is required, that you work hard every day, build a strong TEAM behind you and to promote the business and sell items and services through the Zing Network.

It needs time

My tip is, to begin with, Step One – focus on maintaining the rank of EA every month and make sure that you rank higher in a few months to Step Four (GTL). Communicate with your TEAM and discuss the important matter in our Forum. This is the right place to develop your skills and to learn the most.


Have a successful start in this fresh new week.

Friedrich Fritz



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