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Three steps for success

Dear subscribers,

Welcome to the next newsletter. I hope you have an excellent time.

The Ultra-simple 3-step plan

We have come to SFI through an add we have found on the Internet, an offer. To make it very simple for everybody, we can follow the Ultra-simple 3-step plan. With this, we generate profit.

1st step: Become an Executive Affiliate

This step should be the focus of all of us, every single month. You can become EA quickly through Transfer Buying, generating Online Sales and through Affiliate Actions. You need 1500 VersaPoints per month. Please, study this information:

2nd step: Recruit five affiliates using the methods

We use different Marketing Methods to spread the word and to invite other people to join us.
You can use one of the gateway links, add your signature to your e-mail – you can use one of SFI text ads. Read more here:

3rd step: Teach your five affiliates to these same three steps

Communication is essential – welcome your new Affiliates and give them your full assistance.

If you need help, just feel free to contact me. Join the community of Entrepreneurs (ECommergy)


Have a successful start in the next exciting week.

Friedrich Fritz



Connect with the people

Dear Subscribers,

Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter. It is still Summer season.

Our opportunity

SFI offers an opportunity for everybody. Some approach to it, while others don’t see the actual fact and continue with their current life. Success is frequently. We have rules that need to be followed, and we have our independence. We can decide when we do our work and when we neglect it.

No obligation

You may lead your business to full success, and it can happen, that is is just the opposite, and you feel emotionally misled. Don’t be afraid – times are changing soon.
Become more creative, and when you are, you will find new ideas, new strategies. Use them and test them-

Some have learned Marketing at University – but they have no skills to sell something to someone.
You can learn all the Launchpad lessons – it is good, but it would be better to start selling right away. You need to talk to prospects, if they trust you and believe what you are telling, you can make sales.

Tell a story

Our minds naturally learn from stories. And when we learn more, we want to buy.

For example, I am a loving runner. I love running, and therefore I go to the Fitness-Studio several times per week. It gives me always new energy, and I am proud to do this. It is a kind of self-coaching. You can be successful in sport – if you enjoy it, you can also have success in business.


Have a successful start in the next exciting week. You are invited to play Grand Master Poker, now. Please, follow the link below.

Friedrich Fritz

The next chapter starts tomorrow.

Dear subscriber,

this is my weekly newsletter. I use this tool for communication with my whole TEAM.

Time of troubles

Everything is in unorder as soon as we listen to the news. Fridays for Future is across the world, demanding a better environment, the global leaders are losing faith to each other and their public.

This business needs optimism.

Every Monday begins a new chapter for all of us, and this is not the same in comparison to last week. Some of us will start their summer vacation, and other people are returning home from their journey.

We are selling good stuff for the people. We can only sell if we are looking optimistic. Always looking with a bright side to life. You can study the NGRQ Gateway:
Please promote this gateway, but use your SFI ID.
Our business is NOT for ‘Get Rich Quick’.

There are no shortcuts.

We are entrepreneurs. If you are not willing to invest some time and effort, you won’t succeed.
Success is the result of these two. No work – no success. Hard work – a big success.
Join ECommergy – the Network for Entrepreneurs.


Have a successful start in the next exciting week.

Friedrich Fritz


Weekly forecast for you

Hello, Subscriber!

Welcome to my newsletter.

Main Forecast

Already we have August, the last Summer’s month. Time is dashing, and we have again to discuss our plans, goals, desires, and strategies.

Harmony, balance, and sociability

Please, do everything with clear sight, stay in harmony with the community and do the necessary paperwork: communication is the key. Whenever you received a mail from your downline, reply within 24 hours. In case you cannot answer, relay the request to support, but inform the sender that you will care and come back later.

Watch your MOVERS and praise their efforts. You can offer them your further assistance. In case you are a Team Leader, start an initiative or a competition. Give some kudos to the best.

Be your boss

You are like most people. An extra paycheck every month would make a big difference; you care right about your health, you love your family. Your first impression is your face. Therefore upload an excellent photo to your profile. A good picture is worth more than a thousand words.

If you want more information about my business, just click on the link below.

Have a successful start in the next exciting week.


Friedrich Fritz


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