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Important message to all users of my blog

Hello subscribers,
this note is for all users of my WordPress blog. I am much surprised at how many people have subscribed to my blog.

I would be very grateful if you could write your stories – which would give me more attraction.

Your story could be about your business or real-life themes – like how you deal with the crisis, we have to combat with at the moment.

It also could be an essay or a novel. Please, write what is in your mind. You can also add some media, if you wish.

So, I hope to read your stories very soon. Writing is a Beautiful Hobby and everything can be improved.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz






Pricebenders is back

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to another newsletter. I would suggest you will read it until the end. Stay relaxed all the time and work from your comfort zone.

Online Auctions are safe and easy

At the moment, we are offering two different types of auctions:

a) Astro – Auctions
b) Pricebenders Auctions

Astro Auctions is based on the popular silent auction model – it is integrated with some cool, innovative features, because it changes your role as an Astronaut, flying through space.
Your access to Astro Auction index is here:

1st choose an auction item or product group you wish to bid on. There are 13 product groups, named after the names of the planets and the name of some planet’s moons.
2nd place your bid in Tcredits
3rd choose how many of your Tcredits you wish to receive Constellation Prizes on. For each Tcredit you earmark you will automatically receive a minimum of 10 Rewardicals.
4th Enter your free Pick-The-Bid prediction – be the closest prediction to the auction’s winning bid and you will win 500 Rewardicals.
5th wait until the fueling and boarding are completed and the auction is launched. You will receive an email alert
6th Click the launch button and you immediately see your winnings. When you don’t win, all earmarked Tcredits will be refunded.

At the Pricebenders auctions, you need to register first. The costs for registration is one Tcredit, which instantly earns you 10 Rewardicals. Select the price you are prepared to pay for the item.
It is called the ‘trigger price‘. The auction ends when the price hits the Trigger Price of any registered bidder. Read more information here:

Have a good time

Friedrich Fritz

PS: I am a proud member of the SFI Marketing group

Spiel mal eine Runde Poker


Grandmaster Poker is nicht gleichzusetzen mit Poker, welches Du von Opa kennst.
Die Regel bei Grandmaster Poker ist es, zu versuchen, simultan drei Pokerstapel  zusammenzustellen.

Du erhältst zu Beginn drei zufällig ausgewählte Karten aus einem 52 Standardkartenspiel. Überlege Dir, ob Du diese

Karten gebrauchen kannst und verteile sie entsprechend auf die 3 Stapel oder lösche sie, dann siehst Du eine neue Karte.

Als Gewinne erhältst Du mindestens 100 Bonus Preis Punkte für ein Paar und höchstens 1500 Preispunkte,

bei einem Royal Flush. Auf nachfolgender Webseite kannst Du Dir einen Überblick verschaffen:  Das sind die offiziellen Regeln - sie weichen bei
Grandmaster Poker etwas ab - jedoch kannst Du außer Preispunkten noch andere Preise erzielen.

Einen genaueren Überblick ehältst Du, wenn Du auf den Banner klickst.


Übrigens: die ersten beiden Spiele sind frei, danach benötigst Du TCredits. Diese kannst
Du auf der selben Seite kaufen.

Es macht wirklich Spaß, ab und zu mal zu pokern.


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Friedrich Fritz






Our TEAMS are strong

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to another newsletter. I would suggest you will read it until the end. Without doubts, the pandemic of the Coronavirus affects the global economy very heavily.

A brief message from my desk

I never want to overwhelm you with suggestions and tips. What I want is to make things clear and simple. Yes, the SFI system is very simple to follow – you don’t need to invest money if you cannot afford it. SFI is totally free.

The 1-2-3 method

After you have joined, you will receive a welcome letter from me, as your sponsor or co-sponsor.
The administration from SFI will also send messages with recommendations. Please, read them in full length and follow their advice.

Here comes the 1-2-3 method:

1st do your daily work (turn all red tabs green)
2nd become Executive Affiliate (score 1500 VersaPoints)
3rd promote your business and ask others to do the same as you do.

Play T-Time every hour

Start at and you have a chance to win Tcredits for free.
Grandmaster Poker, Zackjack, and CardKing offer also free games. When you win you earn Rewardicals and also some other goodies.

Daily Grand

Take you a chance every day and try Daily Grand – go to
There are 410 prizes to win, including VersaPoints.

Earn Rewardicals

The basic rule is: for any Tcredit spent you get 10 Rewardicals. Rewardicals can also be earned through Localvantia, through TripleClicks Daily Crown Drawing and by buying from online shopping partners. Please, study all about Rewardicals here:

Have a good time
Happy Easter to everybody
Friedrich Fritz

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