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Christmas Dinner – friends and family gathering

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Dear Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to another newsletter. Please, read it until the end. Stay relaxed all the times and work from the comfort zone. This letter is the last one before Christmas.

The turkey is on the table.

The family and our friends gathering and you present a flipchart presentation. Well, it is an excellent time for this presentation about our business. It would be thinkable better to do the presentation about the outgoing year, instead.

But regardless – a business presentation during Christmas dinner is too rude, and this does not work.

The easier way.

There must be an easier way to help our friends and relatives want our opportunity: to enable them to change their lives.

Say something like:

* ‘This year was okay, but I want next year to be better.”
* “This year was boring. I want to make next year more interesting.”
* “I need a change. I am tired of getting up early every day for a boring job.”

What happens? Many will be thinking, “Hey, I feel that way too!”

Now, we have opened the minds of the people, and most likely, they will continue the conversation with during holidays. It is a lot easier when we talk with self-motivated people, looking for a change in their lives.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and please, stay safe at home. God may bless you.

Have a good time, as always.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz
I am a proud member of the SFI Marketing group

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