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Hello Entrepreneurs,
soon we have May – the month for lovers and romantic enthusiasts. Here is another newsletter.

Don’t miss TripleClicks. That is your store, where you can generate sales and doing purchases.




Many new Affiliates did not know that their store is ready, soon after registration.

You have access to this store after you logged in and then direct your browser to It will automatically take you to your very own TripleClicks store.


The shop has three departments: Auction, shop, and games.

Go shopping and you see 4 further departments: TCredits, Ecommergy, SFI and Business.


Below you see all the categories. You can pick items or services from any category you like.

For instance: Digital Downloads:

Make your choice, you have some options: add to the cart or use the SFI Toolbox for promotion.

With SFI Toolbox you can create a banner, add the item to a collection, and view a printable flyer for so-called ‚cold Marketing’.


Make purchases from your TC store.


You can purchase TCredits, Builder Bundles, and Level Up packs directly from this store and that will count to your Level and your commission.


Have a nice time in May.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz



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