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Hello Entrepreneurs,

this is the time – when I think it should be okay to write another newsletter.

Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.


Out of 20 prospects: none signed-in

Yes, our business bears a lot of rejections. We promote online, with the significant help of SFI.

They provide us with banners, text links and other methods.

Those tools are free – if you address twenty prospects and there could be the chance, that none, a few, or all twenty signing-in. The cost would be the same.


In case you close zero prospects, you will not get a commission check – if you close all twenty you can earn when someone buys
TCredits or other good stuff from TripleClicks.


We just got involved with the most wonderful company with the most wonderful products, games, auctions, etc.

That is our big Privilege.


Consider rejection as taxes


Think about rejection as a special tax – we are paying whenever a rejection occurs.

Hide behind the phones or computer screens – you are avoiding prospects and the business would not grow.


Talk directly to people you meet and reduce your potential rejection tax instantly. Start offering options instead of selling and convincing. The prospects love to choose between more than one option. Offer wonderful products, services, and opportunities or they can keep their lives the same, missing what we offer to them.



I wish you an exciting week. Play some games – just for fun.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


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I wish you an exciting week.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


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