I wish you all a nice week

What my upline leaders really thought of me?

When I started, I was clueless. But hey, I was motivated.

I started in January 2013.
It was winter, my mum was very sick and close to death. 
I was so clueless. But I was highly motivated.

So, I am sure my upline leaders said this to each other:

“He is 100% untrained, but let’s see how he does? Oooooh, that has got to be painful. Ouch! This is stressful to watch! What a horror film in action!”

The conclusion:
Doing dumb stuff with enthusiasm isn’t the key to success. I proved that to all the observers.


Planning and goals are the easy way to procrastinate. We assign stuff to "future me" so that we can relax now.

They said that I should have goals at first.

Then try to catch these goals. Work hard and do this every day.

It is like an obsession and this is very common.

I have noticed it from others who made a nice bargain before.

 Feel free to become a member of my team.

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Hello Entrepreneurs,

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Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


Being your Boss

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome again to another newsletter from my private desktop. We have the best weather outside. Many spent the time on the beach or in the mountains.

It’s been a long time ago.


The nightmare


You know, jobs take up so much of our time. You need to stand up early to catch the bus, the train or take your car only to stay in the office on time.


When you work in a Network Marketing business, you do have not these circumstances. You can stay a little bit longer in bed and have a healthy good breakfast.


High inflation rate


Following the recent marketing reports the economy is collapsing, interest rates are higher, and everything for life, food, fuels and vacation is getting more expensive.


We tighten our belts – we eat, and drink less. We have cancelled our vacation tour. Everything not needful has to be given up.


The big picture


Turn your marketing skills into real money, buy selling items or services from the Zing Network, this includes Eager-Zebra games, TripleClicks, Rewardicals, and Localvantia. Before you do this, study and learn about our compensation plan. You also need realistic goals and a plan.


All of this can be learned and studied from the LaunchPad and through discussions in our Forum.




I wish you an exciting week.


You can leave your comments here.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

Always sceptical – even the advice is good

Hello, Entrepreneurs,
we are beginning the Christmas season. The winter is coming to Germany, it is cold outside and occasional snow is falling.

It is the curse of the green personality. We are so careful before we take the next step.

We want everything proven and safe. Therefore, we question everything.

There are real Top-Earners in SFI, doing this Network Marketing biz.

What do you think about these top-earners?

Read through the answers with my sceptical mind and you get the following solution:

1st they follow the system

sceptical mind answers: so, if you couldn’t follow the specific system one networker used, you should quit? Never try? Or work to develop your own that works for you?

2nd They fail a lot ….and move forward every time.

sceptical mind answers: I know a lot of 30-year veteran network marketers who keep failing. Always trying new things that don’t work. Moving forward to fail again isn’t progress.

3rd Use tools to automate the business.

sceptical mind answers: So, no one became a top earner before tools and automation was invented? Hard to believe.

4th they recruit up.

sceptical mind answers: So if we start like normal people, without that winner’s mindset, we won’t be able to make our first step?

And so scepticism began. I love this free study group. It makes us question what we think we know and helps us grow.

I know what you are thinking: How can green personalities, with their sceptical mindsets, ever become a leader in network marketing?

Your first step begins with level 1 and then you need further skills and resources to get higher levels. Your encouragement and your positive thinking mindset are all you need and a schedule, when and how you will reach the next level.

The web is full of tips and helpful pieces of information – go after to broaden your knowledge.


It takes some time, but in the end, you will improve.

Best wishes for your prosperity


Friedrich Fritz

Work with routine and structure

we are slowly but steadily approaching Christmas Season. Some of my friends and colleagues start to clean their rooms and invest in nice decorations for the holy days.

Don’t stop offering Christmas gifts on your TripleClicks connection page.
There are a lot of little things which can be found under the Christmas Tree.

Just make a collection and promote it online and offline.

Don’t know how to use Product Collections? Read the Solutions here:

Begin to apply it immediately. Try out FREE advertising before you
risk some Dollars.

As I am a proud SFI Affiliate I recommend you to make often use of these product collections.

Success is voluntary – it is your and my FREEDOM!

Build your TEAM – promote business.

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Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Just Do It every Sunday

Good  day – Entrepreneurs,
Motivation is a keyword for anything you want to do. The best thing is motivate yourseslf before you can motivate others.

Every Sunday I join the worldwide running competition from Nike. They name it ‘Just Do It Sunday’. I am a jogger and I love it to run every Sunday 5 km.

From my motivation to sports I get my motivation for the business – a business is similar to a long distance run. You always have a plan where you run, how fast you run and how the route should be. Should it be flat or should some hills be there?

After the race, this feeling of relief comes – it brings happiness and I’m proud that I did it. You can say that I was successful.

Then I am well prepared for the coming week with all the many tasks that need to be done.

I hope that you have also found a form for your own motivation and wish you much success.   Please try out Astro Auctions – this our new feature.  You Need TCredits to participate.  However, it is worth buying TCredits – because you get many more back.

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Have a nice week.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Attention bargain hunters

There are bargains on TripleClicks every day  and during the day within 24 hours.

Watch out and save big!

The Featured Product of the week is  this:


★★★☆☆Mini 12V Car Steam Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser— $19.85

You spend a lot of time in your car…why not take your aromatherapy with you? The Mini 12V Car Steam Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser lets you rid your vehicle of dry, stuffy air, boost your mood, decrease fatigue, and fill your car with soothing scents from essential oils!

Easy, no fuss operation, 180 degree rotation, and up to…

Mini 12V Car Steam Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser

You spend a lot of time in your car…why not take your aromatherapy with you? The Mini 12V Car Steam Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser lets you rid your vehicle of dry, stuffy air, boost your mood, decrease fatigue, and fill your car with soothing scents from essential oils!

Easy, no fuss operation, 180 degree rotation, and up to 2-hour run time lets you direct the vapor where you want it when you want it, while automatic power off ensures you won’t waste your favorite oils.

The Mini 12V Car Steam Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Diffuser is available in pink, purple, blue, and green. Makes a GREAT gift!

* Material: ABS, PP and electronic components, anti-corrosion
* Water tank capacity: 50ML
* Working voltage: DC 12V
* Working Current: 130mA – 150mA
* Frequency: 1.5W – 2W
* Spray volume: 25ML / hour
* Package weight: 0.153 kg
* Product size (L x W x H): 2.24 x 2.20 x 6.45 inches

In the box:
* Car Humidifier
* Extra Oil Sponge
* Manual


Best wishes for hunting!


Friedrich Fritz

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