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Communication is the key


please be active every day. This is very important in Network Marketing.
You can communicate with your downline and with your upline.

Every week send your Newsletter to your group – this is what I am doing here.

You can also use E-Cards and sent them to your Affiliates for different categories.

This can be done quickly from any Affiliate Snapshot and from your Genealogy.

Please read the details here:

Please read examples for your weekly Newsletter:

I hope you have a wonderful new week.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz
Bronze Teamleader
Building something great

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Seminar Network Marketing


in ca. 2 Wochen  findet ein sogenannter Action-Day statt.
Es geht dabei um Network Marketing  und die Probleme, die hierbei
entstehen können bzw. wie sie zu vermeiden sind.

Ich bin da mal gespannt – wenn es so weit ist, werde ich darüber
hier berichten.  Bis dahin bitte ich Sie sich über Rewardicals zu informieren.

Diese sind winzig kleine Tokens, die kann man an verschiedenen Stellen und in diversen
Situationen sammeln. Anschließend kann man diese Tokens einlösen und
sich tolle Sachen holen, Spiele spielen, Bitcoins kaufen etc.

Also viel Spaß!

Friedrich Fritz

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Promote Pricebenders

Hello ,

welcome to all my Affiliates (PSAs and CSAs). Today I am kindly ask you
to promote Pricebender’s penny auctions for the next weeks, it means from
tomorrow until Feb. 28th..

Pricebenders is our central Auction page. On this page you can bid on many high valued
items and for PSAs, CSAs, Tcredits, and many more. There are many auctions taking
place throughout the day.

Pleases attract others to come to Pricebender’s too.

Use the Gateway

From the Gateway list choose the Pricebenders Gateway – it is unique: (please replace the xxx with your SFI-ID).
It has a ‘call to action’ and a speaking (female) avatar.

The user (or the unknown surfer) gets an oversight about the previous auctions- WOWS.
Also each auction features the dedicated item with its retail price/winning price and the percentage one has saved.

There are also banners, Text Ads, Splash and a flyer available via the Marketing Center.

Promote Pricebenders now

There are many ways to promote Pricebenders: you can subscribe to a safelist, to free advertising pages and many more. Even you can use the link to sent invitations via Email. It is so easy.

I wish you all much success.

SFI is serving the World’s largest Affiliate Network! This company is dedicated 100 % to it’s affiliates.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz