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  • Your plan to become a Diamond

    Dear subscriber, Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter. Please, do your communication with your group. It is a brand new week. Your longterm goal should be Diamond Team Leader. SFI has made it very easy to follow The plan. You can do it if you want it and then follow the Six Steps […]

  • Your optimistic mindset

    Dear Entrepreneur, welcome. Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000168 EndHTML:0000002195 StartFragment:0000000466 EndFragment:0000002178 Hope you have enjoyed the holidays. It is time to look onward to aim your goals Feel good having enrolled to SFI and to be one important member of my TEAM. Are you prepared for the next 30 days? Be optimistic, some unexpected surprises are on their […]

  • I love running

    Porched egg on rye bread with spinach

  • Simplicity of daily routines

    Just Do It (not only) at Sunday- everyday!   We must focus on respecting the routines in our life – even we need to improve them, from time to time. Be creative and innovative at some occasions, too. You know your system which you already have in place, then look inside and look out for […]

  • Reach out your hands to the people

    Hello, dear Reader! We are all individuals from different countries. We have our different education and we have different methods to learn something. But we are not alone. The person next to you is your downline and upline. The upline can help you and you want to help your downline, just by offering your helping […]

  • Apply an initiative

    Hello, some people talking a lot – they say outrageous stuff and maybe getting on people’s nerves. I hope you are not the one – you are a serious entrepreneur and a goal setter. Well – it is definitely within your power to make life and your business run smoothly. You always have more than […]

  • Creative in Business

    Hello Entrepreneurs, I hope you are getting well and I know that you are thinking about this business. Sometimes you have no ideas at all but on some lucky days you’ve got more ideas than you can possibly manifest. Therefore it is good to keep a special folder on your desk or your computer to […]

  • Build your 2nd income

    Hello, if you watch the economy, you will experience a massive decline in what is left over for the individual. Taxes and prices for food, car, rent, real estate are rising and You will not receive any interest from your bank on savings accounts. Salaries and hourly wages are declining – you have to do […]

  • You deserve it

    Dear Networking Entrepreneurs, I am Aquarius and I read my Daily Horoscope – this is a habit from my childhood. A horoscope gíves me a realistic outlook about today and the next days. We work daily and we barely find time for our emotions. However – if we do work hard – we deserve an […]

  • Localvantia – buy local

    Hello, today I am very pleased to invite you to a powerful new program and it is starting for local companies in this area. The program is called LOCALVANTIA (=favorite local Merchants) . With this program you can now – generate new customers – expand your customer base – Support and strengthen customer relationships – […]

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