TCredits are mighty

TCredits are mighty

Hello Entrepreneurs,

how are your – the sun is still up. However, days begin to become shorter.
I wish you have a wonderful time.

Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.


We all need TCredits


TCredits costs $1.99 per piece – they become cheaper if you order bigger packs.
The smallest pack starts with $5.90 and the biggest ends with $136.00 fro the 425 pack.

You would receive a discount if you put your order on Auto-Delivery.

You even can purchase TCredits and the value adds to your Sales Volume.


With TCredits you can do:


Eager Zebra Games

Astro Auctions bidding
Pricebender’s Auction bidding

Transferring TCredits (up to 15) to individual PSAs, POAs, and CSAs (Level 10 required)


If any new Affiliate would buy a builder bundle, I would be extremely glad.
Please make your decision:

Go here:

Our work is free – nobody has any obligation, but successful people have a commitment for themselves, and they work without fears.


I wish you an exciting week.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz



I am Network Marketing Affiliate and I am building something great. I share my ideas with the audience

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