We need customers

When we start a business online we have the same challenges as we would have offline,
like a stationary shop or an outlet factory.

We have our desktop instead of an office or a shop in the city. We don't pay rent - we only invest in a Computer, a printer and some software, which all make our business comfortable.

Then we have to sell our services and products.
We can use Marketing Aids and we can use different Gateways. These tools are provided for free and are great to use.

Our referral Link is always embedded when we use Marketing Aids or Gateways.

Once, one sees our promotion he will be curious and do further research. When he wants more information he will sign up.

PRM - Personal Referred Member
They are customers - they buy eventually some TCredits for playing the games or participating in the auctions. Nothing more. You don't have to care about your customers.

Blackjack...with a kick! Play Zackjack for badges, prizes, and more. Unlimited FREE plays daily! No purchase necessary to win.

Click the link to play:


PSA - Personal Referred Affiliates 

PSAs are the members of your downline. You are the sponsor of your PSAs and they go into your 1st generation. When your PSAs refer the program and recruit people in their downline, they go into 2nd generation and so on and on.
When these PSAs buy goods or make purchases you will earn a commission according to our compensation plan.

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I am Network Marketing Affiliate and I am building something great. I share my ideas with the audience

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