Regeneration in Network Marketing

To all my Affiliates - especially important insights

The T-Time tool was paused because there was too much abuse. We should focus on business. Resignation doesn’t get us anywhere. Our company thrives on the fact that we are connected in a network. We exchange ideas and thereby enliven our possibilities. Let’s regenerate our abilities and leave behind everything that is counterproductive. Our main tasks are to sell interesting products and services while expanding our network. We offer solutions and we are not solving problems.

Sales&Shares is our plan, now.

Are you ready for this? 

In the beginning, you were happy to join SFI, you had big and noble goals.

Keep working towards these goals and putting in the effort. From nothing, comes nothing.


Share your thoughts in the forum and participate in discussions. Familiarize yourself with online advertising and the use of gateways.

We are one Network – we are the people!

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