How nice are benefits?

Prospects don’t sit around thinking about our products and business. Time is worthwhile,
they get active every day, reading what brings them further, and avoiding the avoidable.

The purpose of a business is to solve our prospect’s problems.
When prospects tell us their problems, then all we have to do is ask,
“Would it be okay if you could fix that problem?”

Our prospects make a quick “yes” or “no” decision. Done.
Looks like all we must do is find some negative people. Can we find negative people in our lives?

Hmmm. Relatives? Friends? Coworkers? Neighbours? Professional complainers?

Negative people are the best prospects in network marketing. They have problems.

Solving problems is what we do.

I know what many readers are thinking right now. They smile and say to themselves:
“I’m going to be rich!!! I am surrounded by people with problems!”

Don’t need the toilet? We walk past every toilet sign, never noticing its existence. This is very true, no joke. Don’t just rely on intuition, go deeper, and find the truth.

When we set goals, we notice resources and opportunities that could help us move forward to achieve those goals.
Where do we find these resources? Read and learn from LaunchPad, the Forum and what other co-workers have already achieved. The opportunities can be found inside the Network and the global markets.
Goals help us see opportunities where others walk by.
If your goals are not working, then apply to become a member of my Network. (click below)


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