Lazy people want it all

When we address new prospects we know that they are lazy. They are curious, that is why they crawl through the internet, hunting for something that could bring some bucks without doing much.

That is Network Marketing. You never know who joins. 

Where can I find ready-to-work, motivated, highly-skilled prospects to join my business? I want them to work and be successful immediately, with no effort on my part. I just want to sit back and collect.”

There is a reason our companies need us. ☺


Is it a pyramid?

No, it's not a pyramid. I'm not asking you to join, so you know it's not a pyramid. I'm just saying that if you want some great products, you can go to the internet and order. And, if you want to get some bonus points for telling others, you can register to collect them.

SFI stands for Strong Future International.
They teach the people how to become successful.
They have done this since 1998 - with over 25 years of experience they are well recommended.

There is no obligation

You can try it out, as you like. 
You need to know that this is a business.
It is similar to a shop you would open offline, like a stationary shop or a newspaper stand.

You need to make decisions and you need economic knowledge.  How are the wages in your region? What will the future be?

Retiring people often do not have enough from their lifelong work, so finding a niche from which they can benefit is logical.

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