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  • Introduction – please be informed

  • Ein wichtiges Thema dieser Tage: das Bürgergeld


  • Team-building helps to grow

    Hello Entrepreneurs, this is the time – when I think it should be okay to write another newsletter. Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.   Out of 20 prospects: none signed-in Yes, our business bears a lot of rejections. We […]

  • Being your Boss

    Hello Entrepreneurs, welcome again to another newsletter from my private desktop. We have the best weather outside. Many spent the time on the beach or in the mountains. It’s been a long time ago.   The nightmare   You know, jobs take up so much of our time. You need to stand up early to […]

  • What to do with your skills

    Hello Entrepreneurs, Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.   Therefore, I have decided to publish this newsletter. I do not want to overwhelm you, because there is a lot of information available at your homepage   .   Ask […]

  • Afraid of growing fast enough

    Dear Entrepreneurs, we have spring now and that is something positiv during these times of the pandemic and the war in the Ukraine. May the world come to peace, everywhere in the world. There is no need for any aggression. Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. This time I want to share some […]

  • We are independent and free

    Hello Entrepreneurs, I hope you are well, and you will enjoy this Christmas season. Before we are celebrating Christmas, I want to share some thoughts with you.   Our advantage is that we are all free and independent business owners. We can decide how, when and where we proceed to make it profitable.   Time […]

  • Always sceptical – even the advice is good

    Hello, Entrepreneurs, we are beginning the Christmas season. The winter is coming to Germany, it is cold outside and occasional snow is falling. It is the curse of the green personality. We are so careful before we take the next step. We want everything proven and safe. Therefore, we question everything. There are real Top-Earners […]

  • Proceed as an Entrepreneur

    Hello Entrepreneurs, hopefully we have our business that we can do from our comfortzone at home. I work fulltime since I became retiree 8 years ago. Now let me have some tips about the organization of our work. Whatever you plan in the now and the future – make sure that you work hard and […]

  • Work for your goals – never stop

    Hello Entrepreneurs, we already have October and the year is closing soon. Welcome to another brief letter to my team. The system has been improved – you have so much more chances to run the business perfectly. This business has no talents – it is for everyone who wants a better living. Retired people do […]

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