Month: September 2019

  • Your efforts are counting

    Howdy, Entrepreneurs, Welcome, everybody.  I hope you have a wonderful time. Here are some tips for your business. The global picture Please, consider that we offer our services globally and our presentation should be practical and attractive. The world is watching us. With our marketing aids, we have everything necessary for just giving our audience […]

  • Focus on your MOVERS

    Dear Entrepreneurs, It is another week and we soon have autumn. What are MOVERS? In my last newsletter, I have discussed the importance of daily promotion. No matter, if you do it online or offline, there are results – and you sponsor your first sign-ups. You need to care about them, sent them a nice […]

  • Promote business every day

    Dear Subscribers, Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter. It’s another exciting week. There is no limit One of those 3 magic steps says to find at last 3 people who are joining you. However, you need lots more, because not everyone is getting active right away. Some just sign-up, because they see the […]

  • Get Attention

    Dear Subscribers, Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter. It’s a brand new month. Brainstorm for new and bold ideas At the beginning of each month, we are required to make our plans and to set our goals. Don’t do this in a hurry. Sit quietly and write your ideas down. Ideas like: how […]

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