Apply an initiative


some people talking a lot – they say outrageous stuff and maybe getting on people’s nerves. I hope you are not the one – you are a serious entrepreneur and a goal setter.

Well – it is definitely within your power to make life and your business run smoothly. You always have more than one option and a problem would never take care of itself. Apply only one little personal initiative and you will see that it is addictive.

Getting involved in business matters is a good thing when you do it with an eye toward getting things done. Listen to the people and then you will learn from them and you will have the solution.

If you don’t like your current results, you can improve what you are currently doing.

Try to use the following question when you talk with prospects:

“How would you want to FEEL one year from now when you have an extra $500 check every month?”

Use this question early in the conversation. Once your prospects have this feeling, they will want your opportunity more. Now they are excited about our presentation.

Open your Notebook and guide your prospects through SFI homepage, TripleClicks, etc.

Build your TEAM – promote business.

Have a nice week.

best regards

Friedrich Fritz

Published by chilichote

I am Network Marketing Affiliate and I am building something great. I share my ideas with the audience

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