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Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter. It is still Summer season.

Our opportunity

SFI offers an opportunity for everybody. Some approach to it, while others don’t see the actual fact and continue with their current life. Success is frequently. We have rules that need to be followed, and we have our independence. We can decide when we do our work and when we neglect it.

No obligation

You may lead your business to full success, and it can happen, that is is just the opposite, and you feel emotionally misled. Don’t be afraid – times are changing soon.
Become more creative, and when you are, you will find new ideas, new strategies. Use them and test them-

Some have learned Marketing at University – but they have no skills to sell something to someone.
You can learn all the Launchpad lessons – it is good, but it would be better to start selling right away. You need to talk to prospects, if they trust you and believe what you are telling, you can make sales.

Tell a story

Our minds naturally learn from stories. And when we learn more, we want to buy.

For example, I am a loving runner. I love running, and therefore I go to the Fitness-Studio several times per week. It gives me always new energy, and I am proud to do this. It is a kind of self-coaching. You can be successful in sport – if you enjoy it, you can also have success in business.


Have a successful start in the next exciting week. You are invited to play Grand Master Poker, now. Please, follow the link below.

Friedrich Fritz


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