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Hello Entrepreneurs,
as I hope that you are all okay, I would give some tips for your well-being. It is Sunday, August 21st, 2022.
We still have sweltering summer.  We spare most of the time outside at the beach or we need a shelter for recreation.
Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.

Affiliates are creators

Instead of saying ‚would you be interested in creating a business, which puts money in your pocket? ‘

you can say: ‚Would it be okay if I tell you how simple it is to build a team? ‘.

Most people are curious, therefore they sign-up and become your Affiliate, but they are not interested in the creation of a business. For them, the internet is full of milk and honey, and they want instant cash-out.

People need instant magic. I could not believe the difference. It needs some research.

The magic key-phrases:

The magic is that prospects ’brains can be programmed.

Ask the following:

‚Would it be okay if we talked after the everyday work? ‘

‚Would it be okay if we had an extra paycheck`‘

‚Would it be okay if we had a better plan? ‘


In all cases our prospect would answer each question with ‚yes ‘. We need yes-sayers.

We all need a comfortable surrounding – online Marketing is extremely comfortable.

When prospects work online – they can profit from the following:

‚Most people…want longer Weekend. ‘

‚Everyone knows…that jobs don’t pay enough. ‘

‚Everyone says. We..we need more money to for inflation. ‘

‚Everyone knows that our wages don’t pay much for our retirement. ‘

Only networkers with imagination should enroll in SFI. They need inventiveness, they need optimism. They always think positiv. When something turns out to be less profitable, they make changes.

Our work is free – nobody has any obligation, but successful people have a commitment for themselves, and they work without fears.

I wish you an exciting week.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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