Hello all,

okay, we have SFI and TripleClicks + subsidaries (Pricebenders, Eager Zebra Games, Rewardical, Localvantia).

With SFI we have the knowledge centre, with TripleClicks we have our own Megastore.
We can chose from TripleClicks what our customers need is and then we sell these items or services to them.

We need prospects (they can be either Affiliates, customers, Rewardical Members, Localvantia stores).

Prospects can be put into two types – and we should motivate them.

Type 1: Prospects who do things for themselves. We can motivate these prospects by showing them what our products or opportunity will do for them.

Type 2: Prospects who do things for other people. We can motivate these prospects by showing them how our products or opportunity will help others. (for example, a STL or GTL have plenty or PSAs, but would like others to become STL or GTL too. He can reassign one or more of her/his movers to a BTL). This would be a nice motivation.

Type 2 prospects are the best prospects of our business – we always attract Type 1 prospects to become Typ 2 prospects.

Train your brain,  human brains love ‘simple’ – Instead of building huge presentations of complicated facts, we should spend our energy on making complicated facts ….simple.

Do you understand Network Marketing?

I tell you a joke – if you like it you can share it with others. Quote: What’s the best thing about Switzerland? The answer is: I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.Unquote.

So you like it – pass it on – if you hate it don’t pass it on. That is exactly what we do in network marketing. We pass what we like on to others.

The only difference is that in network marketing…. we get paid for it.

Have a nice week.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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