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Localvantia – buy local


today I am very pleased to invite you to a powerful new program and it is starting
for local companies in this area.

The program is called LOCALVANTIA (=favorite local Merchants) .

With this program you can now

– generate new customers
– expand your customer base
– Support and strengthen customer relationships
– To create incentives for re-sales of customer relationships
– Build and maintain customer relationships
– Identify the best marketing strategies to maximize your Profits.

Get listed here:

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz



Have faith in yourself

Dear Networkers,

many starters don’t have success because they have no faith in what they are doing – they don’t trust the system, the Administration and they don’t trust themselves.

The best way to overcome this is, always look into the mirror and ask yourself if you can trust you.

On your SFI homepage you can see the LEADERS section. Here you can see

Top Sponsors Leaderboard
Power Rank Leaderboard
and many more Leaderboards.

Make a review – these are people like you – but they have learnt that this business is real, that it can be well managed and that it make us great, because many have come to SFI and they are winners – they have goals and a plan to fulfill them.

The company (SFI) has over 20 years experience and they are working very close with all of us.

Some Affiliates hate it to make any decisions. They are afraid of making a worng decision. This could be annoying – but it is human. These people can either make a decision to start today or they can make a decision not to start today, and keep their life exactly like it is right now.

A delay in a decision made is a decision to refuse an offer.A business has always to do with making decisions.

Have a nice week.

Claim your Rewardicals  now – the promo Code is b9a3d9

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


The opportunity is FREE


as you may know – many questions asked from Affiliates getting angry about any payments they should spend which they can’t afford.

Our personal Gateways and Banners invite people to join FREE – this means that is anyone’s FREE decision to begin a career as a Network Marketing Entrepreneur.

We all have bills to pay for electricity, water, house and/or flat rent, for the car and for food and beverages. These payments are obligatory.

Your opportunity is very lucrativ – if you follow some simple points.

1st you don’t have the obligation to spend any dime
2nd think about saving in your private sector (involves to make a business plan)
3rd consider any payment as an investment

Any business begins with seriousity – it’s your own responsiblity. You want success?
Then you need to invest into the future. This involves your time, your knowledge, your

As I am a proud member of this Network Marketing Group I know how difficult it can be – sometimes. But this is not always the fact. It depends on your marketing skills and if your mindset is clear and logical.
Opportunity is free – Success is voluntary

Have a nice week.
Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

We help others to become successful

Hello all,

okay, we have SFI and TripleClicks + subsidaries (Pricebenders, Eager Zebra Games, Rewardical, Localvantia).

With SFI we have the knowledge centre, with TripleClicks we have our own Megastore.
We can chose from TripleClicks what our customers need is and then we sell these items or services to them.

We need prospects (they can be either Affiliates, customers, Rewardical Members, Localvantia stores).

Prospects can be put into two types – and we should motivate them.

Type 1: Prospects who do things for themselves. We can motivate these prospects by showing them what our products or opportunity will do for them.

Type 2: Prospects who do things for other people. We can motivate these prospects by showing them how our products or opportunity will help others. (for example, a STL or GTL have plenty or PSAs, but would like others to become STL or GTL too. He can reassign one or more of her/his movers to a BTL). This would be a nice motivation.

Type 2 prospects are the best prospects of our business – we always attract Type 1 prospects to become Typ 2 prospects.

Train your brain,  human brains love ‘simple’ – Instead of building huge presentations of complicated facts, we should spend our energy on making complicated facts ….simple.

Do you understand Network Marketing?

I tell you a joke – if you like it you can share it with others. Quote: What’s the best thing about Switzerland? The answer is: I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.Unquote.

So you like it – pass it on – if you hate it don’t pass it on. That is exactly what we do in network marketing. We pass what we like on to others.

The only difference is that in network marketing…. we get paid for it.

Have a nice week.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Network Marketing – nobody should stop you


if you are in a good partnership you will be faced with a lot of struggle, while
you are starting your Network Marketing career.

Be it your parents, your girl- or boyfriend or somebody else. They are always have
a bad opinion about it and they will affect you with the worst case, that you sooner or
later will give up.

You are  well educated to follow some rules of others. When the pressure is to high, you
will follow those advises.

The best case would be that you invite those people to watch what you are doing and
that you are working towards an improvement of your life and the life of your parents,
your girl- or boyfriend, too.

Ask them to come to your PC and explain them what exactly you do.
Show them examples of other successful Affiliates and tell them that you want
to be successful,too.

Further tell them, that a business takes some time until it bears some fruits and that
an investment is necessary to run advertising campaigns and to build a Network Team.

Show them our compensation plan and how it works. Ask them for understanding and
ask them to support you morally and mentally and not talking everything bad about with.

Network Marketing is a growing industry – it is designed for everybody because it helps to improve our life and the lifes of others.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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