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Rewardical E-Commerce Associates (RECAs) are part of the growing marketplace of merchants offering thousands of products and services via the Rewardical.com search engine. Customers can search among a variety of categories—including apparel, electronics, home & garden, health & wellness, etc—to find the products they're looking for and earn valuable Rewardical Tokens with their purchases. As an RECA referer, YOU can automatically receive one Rewardical for every 10 your referred merchant dishes out to their customers!

To refer online sellers to the Rewardical ECA program, simply point them to your RECA Gateway (show below) using your specially encoded link for this gatway:

Earn Rewardicals while you shop, eat, play online games, & more! Sign up now and get 25 FREE Rewardicals.

Learn more: https://www.sfi4.com/12166105/rwgw

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