Promote your business

Promote your business

RankBoostup - Free Website Traffic Exchange

   Promotion is essential in the Network Marketing business.

 There are many ways to do this. You can google Traffic Exchanges and choose from several thousands of offers.

That would blow your mind, wouldn't it?

We all need traffic, the more traffic you generate the more likely it is that you will get customers who buy from you. I promote every day, even on holidays.

RankBoostup is a Traffic Exchange where you can promote your websites easily.  You earn points through AutoSurf. What means AutoSurf? Many other TE requires that you view  Ads from others in order to earn some points which then can be used for your own promotion in return. I wish you a nice working week. Best regards Friedrich


Warum schreibe ich den Blog?

Welche Veränderung, groß oder klein, möchtest du mit deinem Blog in der Welt bewirken?

Mit meinem Blog helfe ich anderen Menschen erfolgreich zu sein.

Es bedarf etwas Zeit, bis der Profit Einzug erhält.

Ich bin erfolgreich und das seit über 10 Jahren. Es geschieht meistens alles online, bzw. viral, durch das neue SHARE-TECH System.

Der normale Job recht bei den meisten Menschen nicht aus, um über die Runden zu kommen. Zum Sparen kommen die wenigsten und ab Renteneintritt muss der Gürtel noch enger geschnallt werden. Die Inflation macht alles teurer und frisst die Reserven auf.

Deshalb wird es Zeit, etwas dagegen zu unternehmen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Friedrich Fritz

Wird die Zukunft gut sein?

Worauf freust du dich im Hinblick auf die Zukunft am meisten?

In der Gegenwart gibt es nur Hiobsbotschaften: das Klima wird schlecht und wir haben nur noch wenig Trinkwasser zur Verfügung. Ganz davon abgesehen werden nicht alle Menschen ausreichend mit Vitalstoffen wie Mineralien, Vitaminen und Spurenelementen versorgt werden können.

Das Wohnen wird teurer und im Winter reicht die alte Heizung nicht aus.

Es sind die Sorgen die weit reichen. Unsere Gesundheit wird darunter leiden. Schwere Krankheiten und Pandemien belasten die gesamte Menschheit sehr.

Soziale Konflikte sorgen für zusätzliche Spannungen, was letztendlich zu Kriegen führen kann und die dabei verwendeten Waffen werden immer effizienter.

Wenn wir zurück zum Glauben finden, dann kann die Zukunft schon besser werden.

Machen wir uns die Mühe.

Womit vergeudest du jeden Tag am meisten Zeit?

Womit vergeudest du jeden Tag am meisten Zeit?

Meine Zeit muss für jeden Tag sorgfältig geplant werden. Zeitvergeudung ist Verschwendung. Manchmal habe ich PC-Probleme und die beschäftigen mich so sehr, dass ich mein Tagespensum nicht absolvieren kann.

In so einem Fall versuche ich cool zu bleiben und nur das Mögliche möglich zu machen.



Am nächsten Tag hole ich den Rest nach.


It is easy

It is Network Business.

Extremely easy to work. No skills are needed, do what you like. 

Our Corporate has tested the best option.


Just join first and care for your friends, second.

Global Offices.

Big changes for SFI

Big changes in SFI

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to June 2023. It is summer now. We have substantial changes in the world of SFI.

SHARE-TECH‘ is coming to SFI. Our system is becoming more professional.

We do not need to level up anymore. There are only two types of Affiliates. After 18 months the old system did not bring in the expected results.

The changes now are essential. Profit-sharing is becoming our focus.

We have simplified everything about this business.

Executive Affiliates are the VIPs now. It requires only one thing: the purchase of something new we call the Executive Pack (E-Pack). That’s it.

Read the full announcement by SFI’s founder Gery Carson.

SFI Forum: SHARE-TECH is here...and it's BIG! (

Please, do not stop – continue with this new business system.

As I have stated previously we all need TCredits. With TCredits you are more likely to play Eager Zebra games.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


The Ojective of the game

The objective of Card King is to tally the highest score possible.




When you start a new game, you'll be dealt five cards, at random, from a standard 52-card deck. With Kings being high, guess if the next card dealt to you will be higher or lower than the previous card. For each correct guess, you'll score points; and you'll be dealt another card and continue to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than that card.  Repeat until your straight of cards is "busted" by a wrong guess.  On the way, there are a variety of hints, Sidekicks, and "lifelines” you can employ to extend your straight and maximize your score.

Learn more about CardKing's rules, go here:

Welcome to 2023

Procrastinations is a big problem

If one feels procrastinated, he should train his or her brain. I don’t leave the money on the table.


Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. This is my last newsletter for my team in the year 2022.

Review 2022 This year was very impulsive. So many has happened. The war in Europe, the pandemic situation with Covid and the problem with the worldwide climate. We have high rises in prices for buying food and beverages.

Hunger is still a big problem in many parts of the world.  

I am working with 901 PSAs in 5 generations, 3089 CSAs and 131 POAs.
This is not the end of the tunnel. I have got many PSAs through Flexxity. Flexxity can boost your income. Learn how. Find people in your area or worldwide to help you get stuff done.

From creative home projects to landscaping to business services, Flexxity offers simple and easy access to experts who can do the job and do it right. Do you know a potential service provider (SP) looking to make extra money? Refer them to yur Flexxity gateway url to earn extra Rewardicals!


People around the world are making extra money with Flexxity. Get your share!
Forecast 2023


I will continue with my business and I share my knowledge to my whole group. So, whenever you have a question, I am here for your assistance. I wish you all the best for 2023 – stay healthy and work to your profit.


Consider, to have always enough TCredits available. So you can easily play the games and participate in the auctions. In turn you earn Rewardicals, CSAs and Satoshis.

You can first play for free - then buy TCredits to earn Rewardicals. Click the next link.


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