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Hello Entrepreneurs,
the days are sunny – we have summer. I hope you enjoy this season.

Welcome to my newsletter. I hope you are healthy, and you love work from home.


Sponsoring is a problem for you?

You are not alone – everyone has this problem. Some people are too shy to invite other people to sponsor somebody else and help them to become successful.

As you know, SFI gives us all the skills. We have to learn and apply them.

Change your mindset, visit the Forum and the Rules of Success. Study the LaunchPad.


There are two mindsets available:


#1. The fixed mindset. This means we stop learning and use what we have.

#2. The growth mindset. This means we can learn new things and grow.


What is your choice now?


Of course, we all want to be in the growth mindset, but how do we et there?

Try to read a new book every week or two. When you read, you tell your brain that there is more to learn and more growth ahead.



Have an enjoyable time, as always. Not yet a member?
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Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

I am a proud member of the SFI Marketing group

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