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Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to my newsletter. I hope you are healthy and you love work from home. It is very safe and can produce profits. Profits that help you to improve your life and the lives of others.

Network Marketing is the best

Most people want an extra weekly paycheck. If you want the same, you need to do hard work, hard recruiting, in SFI we sell services and some good stuff. We need customers who buy these things from us. Find your customers by using your personalized gateways. You can add these gateways in your emails or use these gateways in your advertising campaigns.

You can promote Eager Zebra games, Astro Auctions, Pricebender’s and more. People need Tcredits Without Tcredits you would leave money on the table. Remember: 1 Tcredits spent will give you 10 Rewardicals back. Collect Rewardicals over and over again, every day. You can redeem those Rewardicals to Tcredits, VersaPoints and more!

With SFI we all can do better

We earn a commission by generating sales. Sales can be done through purchases and sales by our downlines. The more you sell the higher your paycheck will be.

Build your teams

Think about the fact, that each person you refer to SFI can become your diamond. Look for your future: your personally referred affiliates (PSAs) can help you in the way you support them.

Three steps needed

1st step: refer five or more people to SFI
2nd step assist them qualifying as executive Affiliates
3rd ask your PSA to do the same as you do

Let us make the world a better place. Work hard every day. It is social biz because we are socially connected.

Have a good time, as always.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz
I am a proud member of the SFI Marketing group


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