Everything is fine at the end

ARE you popular with yourself and others?
You give your statements, completely painless and without consideration
on what follows.

You can descend again from heaven (which you have created yourself) in
reality. When you are back, you will be on the shores of your home river
celebrate properly.

They have realized that only with humility can one achieve something, not greed, envy,
the whole ego-obsession.

You are celebrating the festival of your joy for as long as you need to build your website.

Learn from the great philosophers of your ancestors and remember, life is complex.

They do not move on a disk, but you are only on a disk of many disks.

Comfort yourself to action, now and here.
You are my friend – a friend among the many other friends. If you close your eyes forever, you’re dead and you do not even realize it.
Others will cry, maybe.


It’s finally done

You have contact with people from different countries, religions, and philosophies and they bring you forward on the bike; a true wheel of fortune.

There are urgent things and those that are less urgent.
You know about it, set priorities with wisdom.

With the two kings, you build the Internet, like a blind man who is lame. But that’s your strength – do not give up.

Never to be satisfied with yourself; life makes you happy anyway.

So you always keep the upper water – but remember: everything is transient.

Stay satisfied with the things you can do personally.



Good physical integrity

Names for the same things can be so different. This requires a lot of attention – otherwise, you will understand something wrong.

It is unfortunate if one does not understand one thing or another correctly, because cruelty and evil ideas are supposed to fill our joys of life.

Stay calm, breathe, think carefully, words seem to be empty; but you do not feel ashamed, but you are hit, convicted.

Let those philosophers speak in you (it does not have to be Einstein). The two kings (the construction of the Internet) are inevitably advancing.

Everything changes, it’s a tough fight with pain, illness, weaknesses – stay relaxed. Alone, you have the key in your life to ensure happy wisdom for life.

What is it, Pythagoras?


The Voice in your head

The inventors of grace enjoy a grand entrance.
Since you left the last class, memory fades
the contempt and punishment of the other philosophers.

You see what you do. The two kings who build the internet. The joy predominates, you just do not understand it. Hear the thinking not up.

What others like later, you now have in no time. There are many little wonders that you encounter every day and you think of course. You have to be the nature of the living God understand. Become a part of his mind. This is a prestigious site.

It is not demeaning to be dependent on the stupid words about the life of the wise.

What is honesty? What do you care, what you have produced now and nothing to do with you after death?

alone in a boat

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Stand by your actions

You are the designer of your own actions. It is in your power to make something move out of these actions.

Be authentic in everything you do online. Actors do not help – you already have a role in your performance. It is the only reality.

The ancient Greeks have done it to you a long time ago: Leonidas and  Epaminondas and others.

They gave us an example when we make our appearance.

Disagreement is alright, sometimes it takes a long answer, sometimes the answer takes longer.

The construction of the Internet continues; the two kings do not rest (Microsoft and Google); until the whole world is digitized and everything that is on and under her.

Slowly we no longer believe in the existing world order because everything is laid out in bits and bytes. But when we die, we have to face reality.