Helping others to become successful

Hello Entrepreneurs,

how are you? You feel good – even the endemic situation is still unsolved? I am still angry that it can be worse in autumn.

Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.

This newsletter is an update for June 2022.


Adjust your mindset


Our offer is to help others to become successful. But first, we want this success for us.

We are very egoistic, that is not bad. It is a clever idea to start with Network Marketing or it is not.

I said yes to SFI and started all over. People don’t struggle with our offer because their decision is yes or no. They would struggle if now is the time to start changing their lives.


Use other words to excite prospect


Help the elderly double their retirement pay.

Does your job give you flexible hours?

Are you okay with keeping your life the same until oyu retire?

Dying young is overrated!

Make your boss hire your replacement.

Wouldn’t you be a better boss than one you have now?

Make your skin look so young that you won’t be able to order alcohol anymore!




I wish you an excited week.


Try out Crystal Ball now.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


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