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The last week in June

The last week in June

Yeah, this month is going to end soon.
So, take this time for some good actions.

We all need to build our teams and do the promotion.

We can only earn a nice commission if we generate sales.

These are some good tips:
1st login every day
2nd read the informations
3rd play some Eager Zebra games
4st place ads to one or more Traffic Exchangers
5st invite people online to follow you.

When you click on the link you will earn some Satoshis. There are many ways to earn Satoshis.

Try it out.


 With Respect sent from home

Friedrich Fritz

Womit vergeudest du jeden Tag am meisten Zeit?

Womit vergeudest du jeden Tag am meisten Zeit?

Meine Zeit muss für jeden Tag sorgfältig geplant werden. Zeitvergeudung ist Verschwendung. Manchmal habe ich PC-Probleme und die beschäftigen mich so sehr, dass ich mein Tagespensum nicht absolvieren kann.

In so einem Fall versuche ich cool zu bleiben und nur das Mögliche möglich zu machen.



Am nächsten Tag hole ich den Rest nach.


It is easy

It is Network Business.

Extremely easy to work. No skills are needed, do what you like. 

Our Corporate has tested the best option.


Just join first and care for your friends, second.

Global Offices.

Big changes for SFI

Big changes in SFI

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to June 2023. It is summer now. We have substantial changes in the world of SFI.

SHARE-TECH‘ is coming to SFI. Our system is becoming more professional.

We do not need to level up anymore. There are only two types of Affiliates. After 18 months the old system did not bring in the expected results.

The changes now are essential. Profit-sharing is becoming our focus.

We have simplified everything about this business.

Executive Affiliates are the VIPs now. It requires only one thing: the purchase of something new we call the Executive Pack (E-Pack). That’s it.

Read the full announcement by SFI’s founder Gery Carson.

SFI Forum: SHARE-TECH is here...and it's BIG! (

Please, do not stop – continue with this new business system.

As I have stated previously we all need TCredits. With TCredits you are more likely to play Eager Zebra games.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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