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ECommergy is a platform
for Networkers

It is packed with lots of information about marketing strategies, Web Site building and much more.

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Why do TCredits rock?

TCredits are very mighty

It is always a good investment.
You need always TCredits in stock.


Play some Eager Zebra games for free

Then choose to buy one package of TCredits.

TTC - Transformed TCredits

When you play the games and use TCredits they will be transformed into
partial PSAs
partial CSAs.


Jolt the clock, placing bids at Astro Auctions

For each TCredit you use at Jolt, Astro Auction or any other Eager Zebra game you'll automatically partial PSA, partial CSA, 5 Rewardicals, and $0.05 in Satoshi Bitcoins.


The best to use TTC is by advancing to EA (Executive Affiliate).

Purchase one E-Pack 50 TCredits and use these TCredits to be transformed and tell your Affiliates to do the same as you do.

Just sign in and join the discussion in our Forum.




Promote your business

Promote your business

RankBoostup - Free Website Traffic Exchange

   Promotion is essential in the Network Marketing business.

 There are many ways to do this. You can google Traffic Exchanges and choose from several thousands of offers.

That would blow your mind, wouldn't it?

We all need traffic, the more traffic you generate the more likely it is that you will get customers who buy from you. I promote every day, even on holidays.

RankBoostup is a Traffic Exchange where you can promote your websites easily.  You earn points through AutoSurf. What means AutoSurf? Many other TE requires that you view  Ads from others in order to earn some points which then can be used for your own promotion in return. I wish you a nice working week. Best regards Friedrich


Warum schreibe ich den Blog?

Welche Veränderung, groß oder klein, möchtest du mit deinem Blog in der Welt bewirken?

Mit meinem Blog helfe ich anderen Menschen erfolgreich zu sein.

Es bedarf etwas Zeit, bis der Profit Einzug erhält.

Ich bin erfolgreich und das seit über 10 Jahren. Es geschieht meistens alles online, bzw. viral, durch das neue SHARE-TECH System.

Der normale Job recht bei den meisten Menschen nicht aus, um über die Runden zu kommen. Zum Sparen kommen die wenigsten und ab Renteneintritt muss der Gürtel noch enger geschnallt werden. Die Inflation macht alles teurer und frisst die Reserven auf.

Deshalb wird es Zeit, etwas dagegen zu unternehmen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Friedrich Fritz

Share-Tech has better ways for you

Every Affiliate start as node

When you join SFI you will automatically placed in the SHARE-TECH Network in the next available position under the person who referred you.

The person who referred you will be your sponsor.

Now, you begin your career with this network.
Bring new people to SHARE-TECH and they will be placed under you because you are their sponsor now.


Now you are starting your very own node
Every person you refer goes into your first level.  Note that all affiliates can have no more than 5 persons on their first level.

The next persons you refer go into the next level ..and so on and on.
Just tell them to do the same, as you do.

Help others to build something great!

Only active persons can maximize their income. Inactive Affiliates will be removed by the administration once per month.

People move up from lower levels to fill the vacated spot(s).

That is all for you to know.
Now, you can join or play Grand Master Poker


I wish you all a nice week

What my upline leaders really thought of me?

When I started, I was clueless. But hey, I was motivated.

I started in January 2013.
It was winter, my mum was very sick and close to death. 
I was so clueless. But I was highly motivated.

So, I am sure my upline leaders said this to each other:

“He is 100% untrained, but let’s see how he does? Oooooh, that has got to be painful. Ouch! This is stressful to watch! What a horror film in action!”

The conclusion:
Doing dumb stuff with enthusiasm isn’t the key to success. I proved that to all the observers.


Planning and goals are the easy way to procrastinate. We assign stuff to "future me" so that we can relax now.

They said that I should have goals at first.

Then try to catch these goals. Work hard and do this every day.

It is like an obsession and this is very common.

I have noticed it from others who made a nice bargain before.

 Feel free to become a member of my team.

Open your own business.

Share-Tech is a major value.

When you enrol you can be an entrepreneur, just by doing a little work every day.

You get all the information needed to establish a nice second income.

Many works for a little loan they earn every month. 

With your own business, you are your boss.

When you look around you will find a lot of entertainment.

We have Eager Zebra games and you can participate in JOLT Auctions. Here you can earn Satoshis and Rewardicals, too.

Rewardicals are little tokens and Satoshis are the smallest part of a Bitcoin.

When you invite others to do the same as you do, you can estimate your extra income, ever and ever. 

Please click here:


The last week in June

The last week in June


Yeah, this month is going to end soon.
So, take this time for some good actions.

We all need to build our teams and do the promotion.

We can only earn a nice commission if we generate sales.

These are some good tips:
1st login every day
2nd read the informations
3rd play some Eager Zebra games
4st place ads to one or more Traffic Exchangers
5st invite people online to follow you.

When you click on the link you will earn some Satoshis. There are many ways to earn Satoshis.

Try it out.


 With Respect sent from home

Friedrich Fritz

Big changes for SFI

Big changes in SFI

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to June 2023. It is summer now. We have substantial changes in the world of SFI.

SHARE-TECH‘ is coming to SFI. Our system is becoming more professional.

We do not need to level up anymore. There are only two types of Affiliates. After 18 months the old system did not bring in the expected results.

The changes now are essential. Profit-sharing is becoming our focus.

We have simplified everything about this business.

Executive Affiliates are the VIPs now. It requires only one thing: the purchase of something new we call the Executive Pack (E-Pack). That’s it.

Read the full announcement by SFI’s founder Gery Carson.

SFI Forum: SHARE-TECH is here...and it's BIG! (sfimg.com)

Please, do not stop – continue with this new business system.

As I have stated previously we all need TCredits. With TCredits you are more likely to play Eager Zebra games.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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