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TCredits are very mighty

It is always a good investment.
You need always TCredits in stock.


Play some Eager Zebra games for free

Then choose to buy one package of TCredits.

TTC - Transformed TCredits

When you play the games and use TCredits they will be transformed into
partial PSAs
partial CSAs.


Jolt the clock, placing bids at Astro Auctions

For each TCredit you use at Jolt, Astro Auction or any other Eager Zebra game you'll automatically partial PSA, partial CSA, 5 Rewardicals, and $0.05 in Satoshi Bitcoins.


The best to use TTC is by advancing to EA (Executive Affiliate).

Purchase one E-Pack 50 TCredits and use these TCredits to be transformed and tell your Affiliates to do the same as you do.

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