Network Marketing – nobody should stop you


if you are in a good partnership you will be faced with a lot of struggle, while
you are starting your Network Marketing career.

Be it your parents, your girl- or boyfriend or somebody else. They are always have
a bad opinion about it and they will affect you with the worst case, that you sooner or
later will give up.

You are  well educated to follow some rules of others. When the pressure is to high, you
will follow those advises.

The best case would be that you invite those people to watch what you are doing and
that you are working towards an improvement of your life and the life of your parents,
your girl- or boyfriend, too.

Ask them to come to your PC and explain them what exactly you do.
Show them examples of other successful Affiliates and tell them that you want
to be successful,too.

Further tell them, that a business takes some time until it bears some fruits and that
an investment is necessary to run advertising campaigns and to build a Network Team.

Show them our compensation plan and how it works. Ask them for understanding and
ask them to support you morally and mentally and not talking everything bad about with.

Network Marketing is a growing industry – it is designed for everybody because it helps to improve our life and the lifes of others.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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