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We are all overloaded by others, who tell us how to run our business. The advertising industry tells us what we should eat to become smarter, the Doctor tells us how we live our life more healthy, and so on.

Many of my Affiliates and many of other members of SFI Networking see that this is often too much for them. It bears the most common decision: feeling bored, doing less also nothing and finally opting out.

Be creative and influential.

SFI is trustworthy, and they do anything to help us – but in the end, we have to make decisions. My direction is to help you and my whole TEAM to come to the TOP. We need to be active – so long we are winners and being inactive means, we fail.

Our chance is to be someone who matters. So, don’t beg people to join, better have some influence with them. Use your power to change your life and the lives of others. People who use Instagram are Influencers, by posting media and text to a particular Network.

We want a relationship with other people who are interested in economy and business. Then use personal texting or online interactions instead of impersonal texting and online communications.

Go where the peoples are: on the bus, in the shop, in the streets. Train your brain and speak to them. Have your business card with you to give away. You can order
X-Cards from the Rewardical Program here: . They are personalised and will come to you.

If you need any help or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

In the meantime try out some Rewardical Tokens

Have a successful start in this fresh new week.

Friedrich Fritz

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