Keep it simple

Every Monday is the same dirty feeling

We are sitting on our laurels in front of our Computers and do not know what to do.
How can we expand our business to a profitable entrepreneurship?

How successful is our advertising - do we have good content, which attracks the people outside (who are waiting for an easy moneymaking thing)?


Use the Gateways

We have many Gateways available you can use on Traffic Exchange Sites, like RankBoostup.
It has the advantage, that it runs on auto-pilot.
Just sign in and choose the plan that fits your needs. Then insert the Gateways and the traffic will roll in.

You can relax, drink another coffee or do what is necessary.

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What is ECommergy?

ECommergy is a platform
for Networkers

It is packed with lots of information about marketing strategies, Web Site building and much more.

Check out some of the newest ECommergy content specifically created for online entrepreneurs just like you!

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Thea Store – recommended for great collections

Hello Entrepreneurs,

head over to and chose from great collections.

There are:

Wonderful Jewelry Collection

Home Decorations and Kitchen Gadgets

Consumer Electronics, Gadgets, Cell phone accessories and much more.

Get ready for Christmas and make your orders on time.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


Team-building helps to grow

Hello Entrepreneurs,

this is the time – when I think it should be okay to write another newsletter.

Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.


Out of 20 prospects: none signed-in

Yes, our business bears a lot of rejections. We promote online, with the significant help of SFI.

They provide us with banners, text links and other methods.

Those tools are free – if you address twenty prospects and there could be the chance, that none, a few, or all twenty signing-in. The cost would be the same.


In case you close zero prospects, you will not get a commission check – if you close all twenty you can earn when someone buys
TCredits or other good stuff from TripleClicks.


We just got involved with the most wonderful company with the most wonderful products, games, auctions, etc.

That is our big Privilege.


Consider rejection as taxes


Think about rejection as a special tax – we are paying whenever a rejection occurs.

Hide behind the phones or computer screens – you are avoiding prospects and the business would not grow.


Talk directly to people you meet and reduce your potential rejection tax instantly. Start offering options instead of selling and convincing. The prospects love to choose between more than one option. Offer wonderful products, services, and opportunities or they can keep their lives the same, missing what we offer to them.



I wish you an exciting week. Play some games – just for fun.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


Dazzle ’em with your brilliance at Knockout Trivia! Outlast your fellow players for badges, bragging rights, and more. Play FREE three times daily. No purchase necessary to win.

Click the link to play:


I wish you an exciting week.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

Easy-build business

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.


A second paycheck would make things a lot better


In network marketing, we can build a residual income quickly without investing 20 or 30 years working a job. This works especially attractive to people over 50 years of age.

Many new members of my teams have a dream to own their own business. I am confident that you will get there. I just don’t know how fast.

Just leave your procrastination mode


Make yourselves visible to move up to the top 1%

Make you visible everyday by logging in and perform your daily tasks.
Plas Eager Zebra games every day. Buy TCredits – the purchase will count to your Sales Quota.
Buy from Flexperts and earn Flexxity commission. It is not so expensive.


Be thankful


We can surprise our customers, PSAs and CSAs with a thank you note. When was the last time we received a thank-you-note for buying a product or service? Remember, communication is important,
so people feel more motivated to work.

I wish you an exciting week.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Create rapport with a prospect

Hello Entrepreneurs,
as I hope that you are all okay, I would give some tips for your well-being. It is Sunday, August 21st, 2022.
We still have sweltering summer.  We spare most of the time outside at the beach or we need a shelter for recreation.
Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.

Affiliates are creators

Instead of saying ‚would you be interested in creating a business, which puts money in your pocket? ‘

you can say: ‚Would it be okay if I tell you how simple it is to build a team? ‘.

Most people are curious, therefore they sign-up and become your Affiliate, but they are not interested in the creation of a business. For them, the internet is full of milk and honey, and they want instant cash-out.

People need instant magic. I could not believe the difference. It needs some research.

The magic key-phrases:

The magic is that prospects ’brains can be programmed.

Ask the following:

‚Would it be okay if we talked after the everyday work? ‘

‚Would it be okay if we had an extra paycheck`‘

‚Would it be okay if we had a better plan? ‘


In all cases our prospect would answer each question with ‚yes ‘. We need yes-sayers.

We all need a comfortable surrounding – online Marketing is extremely comfortable.

When prospects work online – they can profit from the following:

‚Most people…want longer Weekend. ‘

‚Everyone knows…that jobs don’t pay enough. ‘

‚Everyone says. We..we need more money to for inflation. ‘

‚Everyone knows that our wages don’t pay much for our retirement. ‘

Only networkers with imagination should enroll in SFI. They need inventiveness, they need optimism. They always think positiv. When something turns out to be less profitable, they make changes.

Our work is free – nobody has any obligation, but successful people have a commitment for themselves, and they work without fears.

I wish you an exciting week.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Asking people for referrals

Hello Entrepreneurs,

now, we have already February, and the weather is still too cold, outside.

Do you really think, that referring people to SFI works? Yes, it works when you advertise your gateways every day. Advertise online costfree or not on various Traffic Exchange sites (you can google for it).

You can always check your advertising results in our Hit Tracking application.

Always use Key Codes for a better tracking of your advertising.


There is no need for you for searching the exact ‚catching’ words and you don’t need professional skills for advertising. You can find tons of advertising material within the Marketing Aids, it is your choice to choose Ads for SFI, Eager Zebra Games, Astor Auctions and so on.

Stay in your comfort zone

You work wonderfully comfortable from your home office. You are connected through the internet to millions of prospects, and they are lots of people who are searching the web for an opportunity. People have goals and they want that we help them to a solution. We help others to become great and we are working to become great, too.


I am your sponsor, and I can help. I am working 9 years and it is my business and I have my goals.

The work makes fun and bears fruits. You can do this, too.


Please, sent me your questions via chat and I will answer them within 24 hours.


I wish you the most success you can achieve.
You always need TCredits. When you have enough TCredits you can easily play the games, doing Astro Auctions and more. You also earn 10 Rewardicals for any
TCredit spent.



Best wishes,


Friedrich Fritz

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