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Relax and start with new energy

Dear valuable subscriber,

thank you for stopping by. I hope you will enjoy your stay.

Start jotting down your dreams as soon as you wake up in the morning, scrawl out some ideas from the places that your mind is wandering to today. Nothing is off limits here, and for you, no idea is too strange.

The truth from Mondays

Today, Monday should be continued with relaxed emotions from the previous weekend.
You can be creative in your business, maybe you think about a new design for your website or
to plan a new strategy for marketing:

The ZING Network has many occasions which are worth to be market. Eager Zebra Games can be used for the gambling audience, you sell entertainment, and people do have fun every time.

Astro Auctions are also very practical and have a good attraction for people from all over the world.

Bring your plans into effect on Tuesday and keep control of your results. If necessary, make some changes. Search the web for other free Traffic Exchangers and place your adds. Also, track the results.

Always be excited, leave your computer and your home, go out and speak to the people.
This is warm marketing – the best way to sign-up someone.

Friday is the last day in May – bring it to the next level and then start into June on Saturday with a smile on your face.

You can reach anything

Whether you are single or not – follow your dreams.

Let us play poker, now.

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Good luck!

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

Your time for new connections

Dear Subscriber,
it is another fresh week.

You are not alone – you have groups and friends. You go out on weekends, meeting new people and you have joy all the time. It would be odd to talk about your business, while you are sitting in a bar next to someone.

Just make this person curious – start with curiosity, and when that person has a question, you can talk to him/her about your network marketing business.

Tell your story: a long time ago you searched for some improvements and you came across
SFI – the company which cares for success-seekers. They are doing business for more than 25 years, and they pay real United States Dollars to many thousands of people every month.

People, who are doing this business, are very successful for years – they are coming from all over the world – they play a significant role to sponsor people like you and me and they are spreading the word about the Zing Network to the world.

Then say, that you are ready to help this person, too. Hand them over your Gateway-Link
(the FREE link would be okay).  As this is exactly my story I provide you with my personalized
link here:

You like some entertainment: play some cards games:

Good luck

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


The next excellent week

Dear Subscriber,

Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter. Please, follow your dreams in case you are outside SFI – you can sign-up any time.

The next new week will be the best for you (and me, too) – because we have seven days for our international and national efforts. We use our deep mental activities and an inward focus.

You are excellent because you have a plan for all your physical activities, like housework and addressing some self-powering aspects of our business.

What you should not do: Don’t become stuck in your head this week! If you find yourself overthinking, overwhelming, take a break and do something physical: run, walk or swim – even you can go dancing.

Give yourself a push and get the essential things done. The forecast for the new week is fantastic.

Tuesday is a great day for socializing in creative ways: perform your business and speak to your friends, colleagues, and neighbors – give them evidence about your work.

In the social network we share things to others, why not doing precisely this in our regular social life, especially on Thursday and maybe on Wednesday.

You have all the potential that you need, follow your dreams, and I will do the same.
Spoken: I cannot survive in this business if you would do nothing and you cannot
survive, too.

This business works with activities. The more active you are, the more profitable your business would be.

Disclaimer: this business is not a Get Rich Quick System (read the banner below)

Have a successful start in this fresh new week.

Friedrich Fritz


What motivates you?

Dear Subscriber,

welcome – I hope you will enjoy my Newsletter. Please, communicate with me – I would love to hear from you.

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It is a brand new week.

This newsletter begins with a question. I have asked myself this question several times, and I have always found an answer:

1st, I am doing this business – because it is for my living and its an improvement
2nd, I am working with people – not with machines (even when I am always using a PC).
3rd It is also entertainment – when you think about the games – it is thrilling me

The next question would be:

Where do I get my motivation?

First, I have goals and an unbroken will to reach them.
Second, I can communicate with people around the globe, from different cultures
Third, I love writing. I should plan to write a book (it is also a new goal, which takes full control of myself, presently).

I love to run

We have May, but unfortunately, the weather is more like November.
I always run every Sunday with Nike. The run takes place worldwide with
the Nike Running App and during a while I am addicted and nothing would keep me up (besides health problems). I know at home a glass of fresh Orange Juice is waiting.

Running is the best where I get me motivated. The effect is phenomenal because other areas of my life are infected by it.

Have a successful start in this fresh new week. If you like to test Grandmaster Poker, click on the link below.

Friedrich Fritz

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