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Dear Subscriber,
it is another fresh week.

You are not alone – you have groups and friends. You go out on weekends, meeting new people and you have joy all the time. It would be odd to talk about your business, while you are sitting in a bar next to someone.

Just make this person curious – start with curiosity, and when that person has a question, you can talk to him/her about your network marketing business.

Tell your story: a long time ago you searched for some improvements and you came across
SFI – the company which cares for success-seekers. They are doing business for more than 25 years, and they pay real United States Dollars to many thousands of people every month.

People, who are doing this business, are very successful for years – they are coming from all over the world – they play a significant role to sponsor people like you and me and they are spreading the word about the Zing Network to the world.

Then say, that you are ready to help this person, too. Hand them over your Gateway-Link
(the FREE link would be okay).  As this is exactly my story I provide you with my personalized
link here:

You like some entertainment: play some cards games:

Good luck

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz



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