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Fear procrastination

Humans are short-term thinkers. This thinking is limited to our, and we worry about today. Typically, we don’t think about tomorrow, because it isn’t here yet.

Therefore we procrastinate. It is hard for us to work on long-term goals. We even find it challenging to work on short-term goals.

Use the ‘action hack.’

#Attach an action to something we routinely do every day.
How would we do that? Let’s say that we want to make follow-up ice-breakers, but we procrastinate. Here is a tip how we can get into Action and make consistent progress on our goals. We make a deal with ourselves: ‘Whenever I check my inbox for messages from my PSAs, I must write one follow-up message.

Take Action now and read more here:

We, including myself, are checking our phones dozens of time a day. When we do this, we can also automatically make dozens of follow-up calls or messages.

Help is underway

I plan to become a Diamond Team Leader one day – I always work together with my TEAM.
Together, we are reliable and sustainable we are working for our future.

If you need any help or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a successful start in July 2019.

Friedrich Fritz


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