Talking about this business to a friend

Talking about this business to a friend

Hello, Entrepreneur,

Welcome to another newsletter. I would suggest you will read it until the end. Stay relaxed all the time and work from your comfort zone.

When people come together they may start talking – as an entrepreneur, talk to them about your success in our business.

Tell your story

My story is: once, I surfed the web and did not think about anything. Suddenly I discovered a nice ad from SFI, the words were: ‘we help others to become successful’ – I was curious about it, I was thinking the same as many others think: on the internet, you always read meaningless ads and there are wolves who try to get my money. I have made some mistakes before and they were costly.

SFI is a world-leading company and has an over 20-years-experience in guiding people and bring people together, who are serious in learning business-related skills and to apply them. The best is: people are independent and free. There is no pressure and there is no obligation to buy anything.

I joined SFI in January 2013 and my Sponsor sent me his welcome letter. I asked questions and my questions have been answered. He recommended me to build a private homepage, which I did with some programs on the web. I used some Gateways to find sign-ups for building my TEAMS. It bears little fruit in the beginning. I made Executive Affiliate and BTL during the first months. I kept on with learning from the Launchpad. I applied what I have learned. Commissions payouts rise up and after one year they turned out to become satisfactory.

Now, we have May 2020 – 7 years went along in my history and I am grateful with SFI. It is a company you can rely on. Their support team is great and reliable. They have never taken me down. My rank is now STL – I did it also to become GTL, but this did not happen again for a long time. My Genealogy is 10 generations strong – with people from all parts of the world.

I want to be a good sponsor – I help people and I am open to discuss anything. If I don’t know the answer, I would ask Support first and then let my people know.

I wish you much success in your life.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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I am Network Marketing Affiliate and I am building something great. I share my ideas with the audience

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