Network Marketing turnend my live round

Hello Entrepreneurs,
I hope everything is fine and you enjoy this spring season. I have written another newsletter.


When I first started

After I started in January 2013 I did not know, that I work still in this sector after 10 years.

This work is Teamwork – you need to grow a team that works. People should have goals and a healthy mindset.


There are no shortcuts. Every month begins on the 1st and lasts 30 or 31 days (except February).

We all start each month with Level 1 and then we focus to gain higher levels.




Our work is full of entertainment. The Zing Network is an ideal place to play games or participate in quizzes or in Auctions. Some games are free, but if you invest in TCredits you can have a higher performance. Consider: for every TCredit you place you earn 10 Rewardicals and Satoshis, too.


The Rewardicals plus sales, Satoshis and Jolts can add to your monthly commission.




For me, it is important to communicate with my team members. This will spread the word about our beautiful business to the public.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


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