Every Affiliate start as node

When you join SFI you will automatically placed in the SHARE-TECH Network in the next available position under the person who referred you.

The person who referred you will be your sponsor.

Now, you begin your career with this network.
Bring new people to SHARE-TECH and they will be placed under you because you are their sponsor now.


Now you are starting your very own node
Every person you refer goes into your first level.  Note that all affiliates can have no more than 5 persons on their first level.

The next persons you refer go into the next level ..and so on and on.
Just tell them to do the same, as you do.

Help others to build something great!

Only active persons can maximize their income. Inactive Affiliates will be removed by the administration once per month.

People move up from lower levels to fill the vacated spot(s).

That is all for you to know.
Now, you can join or play Grand Master Poker


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I am Network Marketing Affiliate and I am building something great. I share my ideas with the audience

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