Team-building helps to grow

Hello Entrepreneurs,

this is the time – when I think it should be okay to write another newsletter.

Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.


Out of 20 prospects: none signed-in

Yes, our business bears a lot of rejections. We promote online, with the significant help of SFI.

They provide us with banners, text links and other methods.

Those tools are free – if you address twenty prospects and there could be the chance, that none, a few, or all twenty signing-in. The cost would be the same.


In case you close zero prospects, you will not get a commission check – if you close all twenty you can earn when someone buys
TCredits or other good stuff from TripleClicks.


We just got involved with the most wonderful company with the most wonderful products, games, auctions, etc.

That is our big Privilege.


Consider rejection as taxes


Think about rejection as a special tax – we are paying whenever a rejection occurs.

Hide behind the phones or computer screens – you are avoiding prospects and the business would not grow.


Talk directly to people you meet and reduce your potential rejection tax instantly. Start offering options instead of selling and convincing. The prospects love to choose between more than one option. Offer wonderful products, services, and opportunities or they can keep their lives the same, missing what we offer to them.



I wish you an exciting week. Play some games – just for fun.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


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I wish you an exciting week.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

Being your Boss

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome again to another newsletter from my private desktop. We have the best weather outside. Many spent the time on the beach or in the mountains.

It’s been a long time ago.


The nightmare


You know, jobs take up so much of our time. You need to stand up early to catch the bus, the train or take your car only to stay in the office on time.


When you work in a Network Marketing business, you do have not these circumstances. You can stay a little bit longer in bed and have a healthy good breakfast.


High inflation rate


Following the recent marketing reports the economy is collapsing, interest rates are higher, and everything for life, food, fuels and vacation is getting more expensive.


We tighten our belts – we eat, and drink less. We have cancelled our vacation tour. Everything not needful has to be given up.


The big picture


Turn your marketing skills into real money, buy selling items or services from the Zing Network, this includes Eager-Zebra games, TripleClicks, Rewardicals, and Localvantia. Before you do this, study and learn about our compensation plan. You also need realistic goals and a plan.


All of this can be learned and studied from the LaunchPad and through discussions in our Forum.




I wish you an exciting week.


You can leave your comments here.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

What to do with your skills

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. Communication is important, so, please communicate with your Team from time to time.


Therefore, I have decided to publish this newsletter. I do not want to overwhelm you, because there is a lot of information available at your homepage




Ask easy questions


At some point in our lives, we must take responsibility to start learning what we don’t know.

Our LaunchPad is such a place where you can fiend tons of information about Marketing skills.

If we do not make changes, we cannot improve. Some time it takes one little nugget which can change our results.


For example, instead of saying: „Can I have your attention? “

…replace those words with „Would it be okay if I provide you with informations?“


Our „yes“answers increase with that one minor change. We need thousands of „YES“answers.

„YES“– I want to be a part of your team. YES, I want success now.




Make purchases from your TC store.


You can purchase TCredits, Builder Bundles, and Level Up packs directly from this store and that will count to your Level and your commission.


Have a wonderful time in June, the summer month.


Would it be okay if I chat with you, ~FIRSTNAME~?


Save 20%-50% off retail with Astro Auctions!
Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

Afraid of growing fast enough

Dear Entrepreneurs,
we have spring now and that is something positiv during these times of the pandemic and the war in the Ukraine.
May the world come to peace, everywhere in the world. There is no need for any aggression.

Welcome to another newsletter from my private Desktop. This time I want to share some thoughts with you. Many of us are afraid of growing fast enough. Then they are feeling bad and stop doing something at all.


Stresses add to our attention


The circumstances in our business produce indeed a lot of stress which are demanding emotional strain. It is said that we need to log in to our personal website every day, do all the work on the blogs, answer the quiz at the end, playing some Eager-Zebra games.

This alone does not spill any advantages in our pocket or into anything, we earn some Rewardicals from the game we play (provided you have purchased TCredits through your TripleClicks store).

After we have worked through the homepage, we cannot close the PC and turn to other things.

Instead, we need some time for advertising and promotion.


Success doesn’t come immediately

You have all the time possible to grow – do not await some magic in your business. In fact, there is no magic. Grab your personalized gateway and promote on various Traffic Exchanges (TEs). This is a common trend to do. Promote 7 days a week, 24h per day, 12 months per year.

Some TEs offer banner ads and text ads, too.


Keep in mind: doing nothing is not an option. The best is: you can control your advertising efforts with the Hit-Tracking application. You can use different key numbers to distinguish between your gateways and your other marketing presentations.


Produce traffic online, the more traffic you produce, the better will be your result and you will see that you get a lot of sign-ups. Sign-ups are prospects. They can sign-up as your customer (PRM) or as your PSA.


PRMs and PSAs are your customers for life


It is true, that your customers have a long-lasting effect on your monthly income.


Be ready for success – it needs only some time per day. I spent 2 hours per day on average.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz


We are independent and free

Hello Entrepreneurs,
I hope you are well, and you will enjoy this Christmas season.

Before we are celebrating Christmas, I want to share some thoughts with you.


Our advantage is that we are all free and independent business owners.

We can decide how, when and where we proceed to make it profitable.


Time is changing always. The US has a new president, Germany has a new government.

The Covid pandemic has changed, and we must be careful to avoid an infection.


People are surfing the internet to find a solution for their financial needs.

Many see the ads from SFI and TripleClicks and some join. They are always sceptical.

They don’t have time, or they don’t have little amounts to invest.


If you don’t have the time, I would say ‚of the 10 hours a week you spend on Facebook arguing with others, just take a few minutes of that time every day to read the Launchpad, the forum and other brainstorming information. When this is done, you can get back to your social media.


If you don’t have the money to invest, I would say: think big: for every dollar, you spent for the investment you get many returns. If you buy TCredits you can play the games, participate in Astro Auctions and Pricebender’s. Every purchase will unlock another level.


You will begin to start your good revenue. Be encouraged to grow further skills and resources.

The internet is full of useful tips.


All we can do is all that we can do and all that what we can do is enough.


I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.



Best wishes


Friedrich Fritz

Always sceptical – even the advice is good

Hello, Entrepreneurs,
we are beginning the Christmas season. The winter is coming to Germany, it is cold outside and occasional snow is falling.

It is the curse of the green personality. We are so careful before we take the next step.

We want everything proven and safe. Therefore, we question everything.

There are real Top-Earners in SFI, doing this Network Marketing biz.

What do you think about these top-earners?

Read through the answers with my sceptical mind and you get the following solution:

1st they follow the system

sceptical mind answers: so, if you couldn’t follow the specific system one networker used, you should quit? Never try? Or work to develop your own that works for you?

2nd They fail a lot ….and move forward every time.

sceptical mind answers: I know a lot of 30-year veteran network marketers who keep failing. Always trying new things that don’t work. Moving forward to fail again isn’t progress.

3rd Use tools to automate the business.

sceptical mind answers: So, no one became a top earner before tools and automation was invented? Hard to believe.

4th they recruit up.

sceptical mind answers: So if we start like normal people, without that winner’s mindset, we won’t be able to make our first step?

And so scepticism began. I love this free study group. It makes us question what we think we know and helps us grow.

I know what you are thinking: How can green personalities, with their sceptical mindsets, ever become a leader in network marketing?

Your first step begins with level 1 and then you need further skills and resources to get higher levels. Your encouragement and your positive thinking mindset are all you need and a schedule, when and how you will reach the next level.

The web is full of tips and helpful pieces of information – go after to broaden your knowledge.


It takes some time, but in the end, you will improve.

Best wishes for your prosperity


Friedrich Fritz

Proceed as an Entrepreneur

Hello Entrepreneurs,
hopefully we have our business that we can do from our comfortzone at home. I work fulltime since I became retiree 8 years ago.

Now let me have some tips about the organization of our work.

Whatever you plan in the now and the future – make sure that you work hard and effortlessly. You and I work for us – not for a company. So we are alone with our decisions and we may use wisdom and knowledge to proceed.

Do the working every day at the same time and a separate place in your home; if the possible move into another room. Close the door and open a window.

Set up your working room with sobriety and expediently.

Tell your partner that you are working in this room and you need to concentrate. Don’t let others disturb you.

Calculate your business time and have enough water to drink. Because you cannot work efficiently if your mouth is dry.

Make a list of those people you want to promote. Tell them that you will help them to become successful. Use emails for an invitation and have your homepage. Get used to building websites and learn important skills and what it means to have them go viral. Learn the essentials about social networks. Facebook and Twitter have rules and limitations. Make sure you consider following them, otherwise, you would blame yourself and others.

The web is full of tips and helpful pieces of information – go after to broaden your knowledge. SFI can help you, too. Consider this Company as another programm to help you to build up this business faster, with tools and tips you can use for free.


It takes some time, but in the end, you will improve.

Thinking about starting a home business? Not sure where to begin? Start your home business on a rock-solid base! Consider teaming up with us. Since 1985, we’ve helped tens of thousands of men and women worldwide build successful home businesses. And we can help you, too. Find home business success stories and information on getting started at:

Best wishes for your prosperity


Friedrich Fritz


Work for your goals – never stop

Hello Entrepreneurs,
we already have October and the year is closing soon.

Welcome to another brief letter to my team.

The system has been improved – you have so much more chances to run the business perfectly.

This business has no talents – it is for everyone who wants a better living. Retired people do have not much left for financing their normal life. Energy costs are high and will increase more in the future.

It is easy to sit on the sofa at home and watch TV. See the stories of others: dramatic stories, adventures, old Wild-Western stories. You sit comfortably with some snacks and drinks.

You can change that: play your own story – live your life with active motivation.

The lack of motivation is not our fault, not yours, dear ~FIRSTNAME~: it is the result of the programming of our subconscious mind to conserve energy. In our minds, there is an automatic ‚quitting program. We quit diets, quit jobs, quit eating, and we are quick quitters.

But do not worry. I am your sponsor and I show you the way to better motivation – even when things are tough.

For instance: if you think to yourself: ‚I can’t get started’  – I would say to you: ‚Suck it up. Just go for it.’

‚No energy and no motivation.’ – The answer would be: ‚You’ve got to get motivated! Eye of the Tiger! Just do it!’


I wish you a very successful week. You can play games, such as Poker.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz



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