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Your way as a Network Marketer

Hello subscribers,

it is another new week and I am working hard in this business. This newsletter has been sent to our newbies:

Thank you again for joining SFI – it is the Best Network Marketing Company in the world.

You have interacted with an advertisement on the web, and you have plans, don’t you?
You want to pay your bills, you want to improve your income, or you want to have some extra days vacation on the sunny sides at sea or in the mountains.

We do here Network Marketing. What does this mean?

We build a Network which is marketing products and services from ZING Network.

The ZING Network consists of 6 subsidiaries:

TripleClicks (this is your store)
Eager Zebra (games, Uber-Picks)
Rewardical (you earn 10 Rewardicals for every Tcredit you spend)
Astro Auctions (where you make Rewardicals and more prices)
Localvantia (shop locally, earn Rewards)
Ecommergy ( )

I am your Team Leader, and I want you to come to the top.

Here are some tips.

It is essential that you understand the system. Go to the Launchpad
( ) start with the first lessons and apply what you have learned.

Login every day and start with your To-Do-List. Read ALERTS, then click on the red tabs.
Please read it all and confirm that you have understood it. You will score VersaPoints.

Turn the red tabs green.
Please, let me know what you still want to know.

While you learn, you can earn – have your homepage and use different personalized gateways for promotion. You can also use Marketing Aids from the Marketing Centre for free to boost business. Run free ads seven days per week, 24 hours per day and use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and others)

There are no pitfalls in this business, no tricks, no shortcuts. Make your own will and your strength count. We all have the same goal in front of our eyes: to be economically at the top, and we have confidence in our network.

Let me know if you need further assistance. I am your success coach.
Everyone likes it to have some fun – try out Grandmaster Poker for free.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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The good news in your business

Dear Subscribers,

Welcome to my newsletter. I love writing. This is part of my communication with my group.
Communication is very important. A brand new month starts in a few days. We are ending one circle and starting a new one.


Have confidence and share it

We, who are in this Network Marketing business, need to have confidence in what we do, each day has good news on its agenda. When you log in on your SFI homepage, you always begin with SFI News. Read them and be prepared.

It’s a part of our public image, and we share it with the online crowd when we promote this business.
At the same place, you find the Forum.

Get used to the Forum.

In the Forum, you find discussions on nearly any topic. Get well informed, and you can also leave your comments.

Build your TEAM.

This business is always hard work. But, start the promotion from day one and never give up. Promote business and services from ZING Network. The best and easiest way is to buy one or more shares S-Builder Co-op ( ).

This item will pull new PSAs and PRMs automatically into your downline – you sent them a friendly welcome letter. Please, offer them a chat via the Icebreaker tool. Be ready to answer their questions.

Improving life

That is precisely what we do: we are offering one more option to improve the lives of our Affiliates.
Nothing more.

Have a successful start in the next exciting week.

Friedrich Fritz


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Success is yours

Hello Subscribers,

Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter.  Communications is very important.

Opportunity is free

We promote that this business is a free opportunity. That is nothing wrong – every occasion is free. However, as this is a business like any other business, we have to put-in workforce, brainpower, time and more.

Plan a budget

Always stay calm in your business and make plans. You can promote on free Traffic Exchanges, or you can use Adds in Pinterest or Facebook, which are not always without costs. Use a small budget first – say $20 monthly.

Monitor your results, and if your investment pays out, make a new plan. You have more than one choice to choose in between them.

Ask an Expert

Ecommergy is the platform for Entrepreneurs, like you. Therefore, I recommend you to visit more than once per week. You get tips and ways on how
you can do the marketing with more professionalism. You are always developing new strategies.

Help is underway

I plan to become a Diamond Team Leader one day – I always work together with my TEAM. Together, we are reliable and sustainable we are working for our future.

Ask me for an ECommergy Daypass.


Friedrich Fritz

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You are like most people

You and me – we are like most people. What do we want? We want more time with our family we want to take good care of our health we like having an extra option in our life we find getting by on one paycheck difficult with prices going up Go for Rewardicals In SFI you can earn Rewardicals in many ways. Participating in the Astro Auctions, you will earn unlimited and also when playing Hidden, Brain Sprint, Grandmaster Poker, Zackjack, Card King, Gold Streak, Knockout Trivia. Collect as many Rewardicals as you can and use them with wisdom to redeem them in many ways: VersaPoints, Tcredits, CSAs, Bitcoin and more. Make your choice here: Help is underway I plan to become a Diamond Team Leader one day – I always work together with my TEAM. Together, we are reliable and sustainable we are working for our future. If you need any help or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me. Have a successful start in this fresh new week. Sincerely Friedrich Fritz



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Grow your TEAM and start selling

Dear Subscribers,

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Welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter. Especially; I want to welcome my new Affiliates. It is a brand new week.

In our Network Marketing Business, we have in general two options:

Option 1: Start learning and begin to work
Option 2: Do nothing – anything remains the same

If you chose Option 1 – you ought to be curious enough to discover that business from the beginning. Please do the following:

1st learn how to do the marketing
2nd learn how to do the sponsoring

Learning will be your process forever and apply immediately what you have learned. You will soon see the results: People coming to join under you and your commission will grow.

This business reveals a significant change in your life if you are committed. Build trust and become reliable in whatever you do. , and you are playing a vital role as a good example.

Help is underway

Just drop your Questions into the appropiate box. I try my best to answer them within 24 Hours.

Also, Please try out ECommergy – this is a new platform for Entrepreneurs.
If you Need a daypass, just let me know.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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Our commission is due

Hello, Subscriber

welcome to all readers of my weekly newsletter. Please, do your communication with your group. It is a brand new week.

It’s just some days ago – when I have got the commission for March. I hope that you have reached this message from Administration, too. Does it fit your goals, your desires, your expectations?

For me, it is always a surprise – I know that the paycheque could be higher, but at last, it is the result of my work and I do not blame others. Sure, the commission comes from sales within my group and a few purchases for my own needs.

I could maintain my rank as a Silver Team leader. Our business is a profession, and only skills make the difference. If we (the whole TEAM) want to increase our network marketing income, we need to enhance our capabilities.

I never put off learning network marketing skills – learning is the best way; we should not stop it.

In this connection we have Ecommergy. It is the place to meet professionals who can develop our skills which leads to a higher income. Are you new? Just try it out – you need a subscription – start with Day Passes, and if you like it you can book higher passes later. Here is the link: and get the information from SFI news and other public relations regarding Ecommergy.

Help is underway

If you need any help or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a successful start in this fresh new week. Soon we celebrate Easter, have the basket full of beautiful eggs. Avoid Identity theft! See the next banner (for US and Canada, only).


Friedrich Fritz

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Are you really committed?


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Welcome to all the Reader. I will only write my newsletter to my PSAs.

Some of them had signed-up some time ago, and maybe, they have not signed their commitment (Ready To Go) message.

Follow these steps

First, they should soon go to the following link:

Then fill out the formula and press the SUBMIT-button below. That is all and they can earn 50 VersaPoints, which are accumulating into commission.

It would be nice if only quality affiliates could be recruited regularly.
I am the sponsor, and I have to rely on a constant stream of new affiliates to receive 2 % or 3 % who really want to succeed in this SFI business.

Everything is for their success and mine, too!

Therefore, I am, and I purchase co-op shares for PSAs from S-Builder, Everybody can sign-up, everybody who has signed-up can have the same success if they are committed and always work, as I work.

I can only survive in that business if you follow the basic principles, that are:

1st find 5 or more people
2nd go EA every month by scoring 1500 VersaPoints
3rd tell those 5 people to do the same

Don’t let the system overwhelm you.

There are constant improvements from Administration, but at last, you can only earn commission, if you generate sales.

I recommend purchasing every month 125 Tcredits for $36,25 (on Auto-Delivery).
Along with the purchase, you can instantly rank to become Executive Affiliate.

Have a successful week. Try out Astro-Auctions for FREE

Friedrich Fritz

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Work to change your life


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welcome to all readers. I will only write this newsletter to my PSAs.

You have come to SFI for a positive change in your life. I do the same and I am working on my long term goals every day. My long term change is to become a Diamond Team Leader, one day. As you may have learned, a DTL is the highest rank in SFI.

How can I work to get this going?

It’s a while passed, I have appreciated the Plan ( and I have subscribed the Builder Bundle, which is an option to set each month a good starting point. With the Builder Bundle, we earn every month 1500 VersaPoints, 100 Mighty Tcredits, 8 freshly-generated PSAs, and 2 CSAs, 350 Rewardical tokens.
View this offer here:

As an interested sponsor in SFI, I wanted to make sure they heard about this offer and I am really excited about this because I can be relaxed for the rest of the month and concentrate more on recruiting new people to our TEAM.

The minimum rank is STL for participating in the plan and with the function of Opti-Build, I can choose to contribute either 50 % or 100 % of my PSAs to my TEAM.

To become a Designated Diamond are selected by SFI administration and they will be invited to work with other affiliates toward the mutual goal of becoming a Diamond Team Leader.

I wish that more Affiliates get the chance of becoming Designated Diamonds. If we work hard, we set your goals and see, it will happen.

Have a successful week. Entertainment is good – I invite you to play Hidden.
Just click on the banner, below. You can be a winner, today.

Friedrich Fritz

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Always think big


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welcome – Spring is very near, this is good for the nature.

As we are acting globally, we should consider that with our advertisements we can address the World Wide Web. Whenever we place ads in Traffic Exchanges sites, instantly we address not hundred, thousands, but millions of people, who are seeking an opportunity.

We can give them this opportunity, but it is more. Our business is made to improve the life of others. It is not a lottery and it is not a ‘getting rich quickly scheme’.

Imagine, you would own a stationary shop. You have a lot of pencils, writing papers, erasers, pencil sharpener. ink and so on. In order to get customers who come into your shop and buy from you, you need advertising. Probably you would print a brochure with colorful displays of your shop supply.

Then, you would need to spread this to your neighbors, to newspapers, to the people, walking by, and so on. If you won’t do that, nobody would come in.

With our network Marketing System, you place your shop supply on the Internet, on your blog, Social Media, Traffic Exchanges, etc. If you don’t place ads, nobody would buy a single T-Credit from you.

Try Grandmaster Poker now, just click upon the banner.

Have a successful week.

Friedrich Fritz

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New experiences for this opportunity


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welcome to all Movers of my TEAM. Please, make sure, that you communicate with your TEAM as well. You can drive real changes with communication. Take the Ram by the horns – you are in the driver’s seat of all issues in your business (and in your life, too).

As we are working to meet our goals, we make many experiences. Some turn out good and others turn out bad, we can always make changes.

This is especially visible when we are planning our advertising campaigns. What is the best wording when we planning to attract more people to our business?

Don’t fear approaching new prospects and don’t think negative about rejections. We have to live with that.

We are helping people

We are the sponsors for our Affiliates and we can help them to provide them with professional skills and also with the faith that we would help them.

This is part of our commitment – therefore we are responsible for how our Affiliates can do their work.

We can start an add with an attention-grabbing header:

* “Are you okay staying at this job forever?”
* “Do you think we will get huge raises here next year?”
* “Have you found a way to have more time with your family?”
* “Would it be more fun if your career was more fulfilling?”
* “How do you feel on Sunday evening, when thinking about Monday morning at work?”

Then use a banner code from the Marketing Centre or an text ad. Post this add on various platforms, in the beginning, start with free advertising. In case, you can spend a few dollars you
could also do paid advertisng. The latter works really good, if the add has good results (check the stats in Hit Tracking!)

Is it possible to double our earnings?

Here is one way to imagine the answer. ·         Is there anyone in our business that earns twice as much as we do? ·         Yes, many people. And are these people smarter than we are? No. They just know something we don’t know yet.
That is why we continue to learn more and better skills in our profession.

Please visit my Leadership Page here:

Please register – if you want to participate in my new competition.

Please also visit my Wordpress blog here:

All the best success to you first!


Friedrich Fritz